Spinervals 6-Week Time Trial Plan for Cyclist (40K Intermediate Level) / CUSTOMIZED

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Spinervals 6-Week Time Trial Plan for Cyclist (40K Intermediate Level) / CUSTOMIZED


Troy Jacobson

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7 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 5 Bike

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling time trialing

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CUSTOMIZED 4-U by Coach Troy Jacobson! By choosing this option, you’ll receive the basic training plan PLUS a 30-minute training consultation and plan customization call with Coach Troy. During the call, you’ll go over the plan week by week with the Coach as he makes modifications to the plan based on your personal schedule and other training related needs. Register for this plan now and receive a FREE Spinervals DVD, a $30 value. (This plan is limited to a few participants at a time and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Those who register will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a convenient call time with the Coach.)

PURPOSE OF THIS PLAN: This 6-week time trial training program is designed for the intermediate level cyclist with at least 3 years of annual training and racing experience who desires to improve his or her 40KTT result and/or improve their sustainable power output at lactate threshold power / heart rate. It leverages the Spinervals Cycling Video series combined with road riding/training recommendations. Athletes may choose to substitute road rides for a specificed video and vice versa, but use of the DVDs are encouraged for best results.

This program requires that the athlete first establish their aerobic foundation with a minimum of 6-8 weeks of steady aerobic and aerobic endurance training (i.e. zones 2 and 3, see our Spinervals Aerobic Base Development Plan, http://www.spinervals.com/products/item158.cfm). Training time requirements are moderate with between 6-10 hours of riding , plus any supplementary training such as strength work or stretching, per week. A short taper is included to help the athlete reach the starting line with rested legs for a solid result. A field test to determine proper training zones is to be conducted at the start of the program and again mid-way through.

The workouts are given an intensity description by Zones. Advanced athletes can use heart rate, power (on the bike) or PE(perceived effort) to monitor their daily training intensities. In general, the intensities for this plan are as follows:

Zone 1: Recovery pace. Very low intensity active recovery 'shake the legs out'. Ideal after long/hard workout days and races. 'Noodle it'.

Zone 2: Aerobic/Blue pace. Low to moderate intensity training. PE of 6-7.5 (Scale 1-10, 10 being 100%). Steady conversation effort. HR is at least 10-25 beats per minute below LTHR (lactate threshold heart rate).

Zone 3: Aerobic Endurance/Gray pace. Moderate to hard training. PE of 7.5- 8.5. Harder efforts that can be sustained for long periods of time. HR 0-10 beats below LTHR

Zone 4: Threshold Training. Hard training at a pace sustainable for short durations. At and above 'race pace'. PE 8.5 - 9. Suffer a little. HR within 5+/- LTHR

Zone 5: V02max Training: Really hard training, PE 9-10. Suffer a lot. HR 10-20 bpm above LTHR

Videos recommended for use with this program include the following titles:
Spinervals 13.0 - Tough Love
Spinervals 14.0 - Totally Time Trial
Spinervals 16.0 - Aero Base Builder I
Spinervals 17.0 - Aero Base Builder II
Spinervals 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza
Spinervals 27.0 - Threshold Test
Spinervals 28.0 - Aero Base Builder VI
Spinervals 30.0 - Endurance Booster!

You can purchase all or some of these titles online at http://www.spinervals.com/products/item176.cfm

It is important to note that this plan does not include advice regarding strength training, flexibility training or nutrition. Please consider our personal coaching services for more personalized training plan development at www.coachtroy.com

As with any workout plan for competitive sport, please be sure to check with your personal doctor prior to embarking on this challenging program. Remember that your success depends on your ability to push yourself and learn how to 'suffer' and take your your performance to the next level!

Thank you, train safe and good luck!
-Coach Troy


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:19

Troy Jacobson

Life Time Fitness, Inc.

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Sample Day 1

Spinervals 16.0

Aero Base workout. Do the video or 1.5 - 1:45 hrs on the roads in zone 2 / 80-90rpms.

Sample Day 2

Spinervals 27.0

Threshold Test Workout. Do the video or a field test on a stretch of unimpeded road. Include a 20 minute 'all out' TT at your best sustainable effort on a flat or rolling stretch of road. Wear your HR monitor and/or use a power meter. Record your avg. output for the 20 minutes, then subtract 5% for an approximation of your FTP (functional threshold power), or the amount of output sustainable for about 1 hour.

Sample Day 4

Spinervals 17.0

Aero base builder workout video or ride 1.5 - 1:45 hr on the roads, 80-90 rpms, Zone 2

Sample Day 5

Spinervals 30.0

Endurance Booster! - an aerobic endurance workout video. The alternative workout is to ride 2.5 - 3 hrs on the road, zones 2-3 with 80-90rpm effort. Finish tired and pleased with your hard work, but do NOT overdo it and 'waste' yourself.

Sample Day 6

Spinervals 28.0

Aero Base Builder VI, or do 1:15 - 1:30 hr on the road, zone 2, 80-90 rpms.

Sample Day 8

Spinervals 17.0

Aero base builder workout video or ride 1.5 - 1:45 hr on the roads, 80-90 rpms, Zone 2

Sample Day 9

Spinervals 14.0

Totally Time Trial Video or do a 2 hr road ride with a warm up, then 4x10 minute threshold reps (FTP level) @5 min. recovery.

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