Working Triathlete 8-Week Fitness Builder Cycling (Intermediate)

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:29

If you want to increase your key fitness metrics in an efficient manner, this plan is for you.

The 8-Week Fitness Builder is focused on boosting high-end fitness (aerobic capacity, threshold and force) as well as technique (pedal stroke, cadence and efficiency). It commences and ends with a built-in FTP test (protocol included).

The plan is targeted towards individuals looking to maximize gains efficiently and works best when most of the workouts are executed on an indoor trainer. It is a great intermediate build for a Sprint or Olympic triathlon, or serves as a great early season base block for long course racing prior to the specific preparation phase of training.

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Sample Day 1
Pre-FTP Test with Openers: 4X1:30

Purpose is to get some time in the saddle prior to tomorrow's FTP test. This workout is mostly easy riding with 4X1:30 pick ups around FTP, or ~8 RPE

Sample Day 2
FTP Test 20 Min

This workout is a field test to establish your functional threshold power, which is the maximum power you can put out for an hour. After a warm up, four openers and a 5-min high intensity effort, you will perform an all-out 20-min test. You should go as hard as you can during the 20-minute effort. Your average power over the interval multiplied by .95 is your FTP. Once you calculate it, update your threshold setting in your profile. All other workouts key off of this metric.

Sample Day 4
Key Endurance: 3X3 IM, 3X3 70.3, 3X3 SST High Cadence

Sample Day 6
Key Endurance: 5X6 (5 min @ 80%, 1 min @ low cadence @ 90%)

The main portion of each of the intervals is done at approximate 70.3 pace, or 80% of your FTP (Z3). Focus on learning what that effort feels like.

At the end of each interval, you will execute a minute of low cadence pedaling at an upper Z3/lower Z4 effort to build strength.

Sample Day 9
Key Intensity: 3X10 SST

Sample Day 11
Technique: 3-1 Low-High Cadence

Sample Day 12
Technique: 3X2 Cadence + 3X(5@80% 5@85%)

This workout includes intervals to develop strength and pedal form, along with intervals that begin at 70.3 target pace and build to sweetspot (upper Z3).

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