Kilo and 500m TT Sprint Programs

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:13

This is going to target lactate tolerance and buffering lactate. This program is meant for athletes looking to increase their 1km and 500m TT Track powers and decrease their times! Avg work load per week is actually around 7-11 hours being that some of the trainings are done on the track!

Sample Day 1
Easy 1 hour

Sample Day 2
6 x 1 minute

These efforts will be done on the road/track or ergo....

We are looking for the highest 1 minute power possible.

Sample Day 3

Sample Day 4
Start Work

Warm up
1 Block = 10 sec. 15 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds.

1 minute in-between starts

3 blocks total

with 8 minutes in-between each block to recover.

Can be done on the track or ergo - Focus on standing and hip drive spin the gear out in the first 5 seconds and hang on (53 x 15 or 92 - 95 in gear) Focus on being explosive

Sample Day 6
4 x Flying 500m's

Can be done on trainer if need be.

If done on the trainer 4 x 40 seconds MAX!

If on the track do them in the aero bars! (or what ever you will race in)

Sample Day 7
2 hours endurance (z2)

Fuel, make sure you eat and fuel for the weekend.

Sample Day 8
Easy 1 hour

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