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USA Marek Matus

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 5 Bike, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling time trialing intermediate advanced weightloss time goal power based

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This 12-week plan is suited for intermediate or advanced cyclist. Basicly it is based on growing up your FTP and Vo2. After this plan you will be prepared for TT from 10 to 45. Maybe slightly longer, but then better contact me.
Before this plan you should have good strength endurance and endurance days done.
Every 4 weeks we do a FTP test to recognize your improvement.

There are some core-full body exercises for better positioning on your TT bike.

Good luck and have a nice time :-)


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:20
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:20
Average Weekly Breakdown

Matus Melis

I appreciate that you visit my page.
I am young man coaching cyclist from beginners to porfessionals.
I really like to use "new" methods in my trainings. Not the basic "go 4 hours with 3 sprints".
If you have wattmeter it is perfect, but I also have trainings optimalized for cyclist with HR monitor.
My strongest weapon is communication. I am trying to respond within several hours. I am writting plans just for one week in advance. I can change training for next day, if you need.

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Sample Day 1


After easy wramup:
20" ramp over FTP
then 3' and 2' over FTP blocks
after short recovery perform 20' ALLOUT block.
Try not to over-pace but be prepared, it is really hard attempt.

Good luck :-)

Sample Day 2

Basic endurance

10' warmup
then riding in Z2, hills Z2-Z4,
short and steep hills can be done in Z4 (under 3min)
cooldown 10' in Z1

Sample Day 4

Power test

Today, we will try to find your max 5s, 1min and 5min effort.
Start with proper warmup then 3x full-out sprints (hill or flat, as you like), then 1min maximal effort, then 5min.
Long cooldown...

Sample Day 5

FTP booster

During short intervals put in TT position, Don't forget keep power around your FTP.

between intervals keep your power around 70% of your FTP

Sample Day 8

Short tempo

After good warmup do sets of Z2/3 riding
15' cooldown

Sample Day 9

Basic endurance

10' warmup
then riding in Z2, hills Z2-Z4,
short and steep hills can be done in Z4 (under 3min)
cooldown 10' in Z1

Sample Day 11

Criss Cross Tempo>Threshold w

After good warmup
perform sets of tempo training with 1' theshold "cross" intevrals.
Criss-Cross intervals mimic the power demands of road and mountain bike races.
Good cooldown as usally.
Also good for indoor training.

12-week TT preparation !OFFER!

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