Intermediate TT Prep Plan / Non-4DP / Outdoor Rides on Weekends, by The Sufferfest

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:04
Training Load By Week

This training plan was designed by APEX Coaching for athletes who:

* Have NOT taken the Full Frontal fitness test in The Sufferfest app OR for those who wish to base their training on RPE / FTP-based metrics
* Have previous experience with structured training plan or have been riding consistently for more than 2 years
* Have trained less than an average of 11 hours/week in the previous ~3 months
* Have up to 8 hours/week they can dedicate to training (but often less) over the course of the next ~3 months.
*Are training for a time trial and have 10 weeks to train before the event.

This plan is designed to suit the time-crunched athlete, with the majority of weekday workouts under 60 minutes and longer weekend rides outdoors. Outdoor rides are built using the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder, meaning they can be exported to compatible cycling computers and fitness devices.

Note: the average weekly training hours listed do not include the optional yoga and mental training plans you may wish to add to your schedule (more details available when you apply a plan to your account).

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Sample Day 1
Recovery Spin

Very easy ride
Resist the temptation to go harder or faster.
Power should remain under 50% of FTP the entire time, and Heart Rate should never go above Z1

Sample Day 1
Add Yoga

In addition to all of the awesome video workouts you have access too in The Sufferfest app, there is also an entire library of Yoga videos to choose from!
After your recovery spin, load up one of the following Sufferfest Yoga videos to see what they are all about!

Recovery Booster

Loosen Neck and Shoulders

Yoga in Couchlandria: The Office

Sample Day 1
Train Your Brain: Add Mental Training to your Plan

Endurance exercise is equal parts physical and mental, so why only train half of the equation?

Go into the "Mental Training" activities tab and take 6 minutes to complete "Intro to the Sufferfest Mental Training Program"

Even if you had no intention of adding Mental Training to your daily to-do list, give this first part a listen, you might just be surprised!

If you decide you want to up your Mental Game (and why wouldn't you?) you can add the Mental Training Program into TrainingPeaks by following this link:

Sample Day 2

Whether you have power testing, a group ride you want to smash, that event you have been training all winter for, or even just a fun route you want to have a great ride on, this is the perfect session to do the day before.
Unlike other Sufferfest videos, this one should not be viewed as a stand alone “training” session, but rather the ace up your sleeve you get to pull out when that big ride comes around.
The key to this session is just enough time right around threshold, with sufficient recovery between efforts and a handful of sprints to prime all of your systems for tomorrow's event.

Sample Day 2
Know you Resources

To help you make the most out of this training plan we have created a series of articles to help walk you through some issues that most people face at some point during a training plan.

A little extra reading now will go a long way in ensuring your success!

You can find answers to most questions you might have here:

You can find more in-depth articles on multiple training topics here:

Sample Day 3
Igniter **Before Extra Shot**

A highly-tuned machine - like you - needs its engine warmed up in order to produce the most power as efficiently as possible. Igniter is based on the highly successful warm-up session developed by British Cycling and used by Team Sky as part of their 'marginal gains' programme. You'll go through 20 minutes of progressive efforts before hitting a couple high-intensity/high-cadence sprints. You'll emerge ready to CRUSH EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU. Perfect for using before major events, in conjunction with our Extra Shot videos or to extend your regular Sufferfest workout.

Sample Day 3
Extra Shot

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✩✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✩

Coffee. Cocktails. Fights. Sometimes, you just need an extra shot. Same goes for workouts. This is a 20 minute 'booster' you can add on to any existing Sufferfest workout. It has no warm-up or warm-down - you go straight into race simulation and grit your teeth till the end.

When you take on this session fresh, the sustained effort just above threshold stresses both MAP and FTP to an equal extent. If you're doing this at the end of another session (when you're already fatigued), then dial the intensity down to 85%. That will really push your steady-state power production and help your body increase FTP.