The Ultimate 12 Hour Time Trial (TT) Plan - 40 Week S&C Plan, Support Groups & $25 OFF NEXT PLAN!

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The Ultimate 12 Hour Time Trial (TT) Plan - 40 Week S&C Plan, Support Groups & $25 OFF NEXT PLAN!


Pav Bryan - BikesEtc Magazines Cycling Guru & Multiple Regional 12 Hour TT Champion

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20 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Bike, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

9:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling time trialing advanced masters power based hr based tss based

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Includes Structured Workouts

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This plan has been designed by Pav Bryan Bikes Etc Magazines Cycling Guru. Director and Head Coach at Direct Power Coaching and Nutritionally Fit. Team Manager at Direct Power Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition. Full info:

This plan is for you if you are targeting a 12 hour time trial (TT) this year, the 12 hour World TT Championships or a similar event. You are capable of training comfortably above 600 TSS points per week. It has no more than 12:50 hours per week and can be completed with whatever measuring device you have available. It has a test style event in the final week, if you can find a similar event to enter you'd be at an advantage.

COMPLIMENTARY 40 Week Core/Leg Strength program included (worth $99.00)! Continue to use it long after you've finished this plan! COMPLIMENTARY Support Group access, both nutrition and training! PLUS $25.00 OFF your next plan, when you complete a short survey!

PLEASE NOTE: this plan is now out-of-date and is reflected in the pricing. While all features listed below still work, some of the links in the sessions might not and some of the newer TrainingPeaks features are unavailable. This plan has been updated and can be found in the TP store (email if you can't find it). If you experience issues with missing links, you should be able to find the blog or resource here -> If you are having trouble with the core session link, please use the paper based plan attached in the notes under day one.

This plan is totally compatible (upload-able/exportable) with Zwift, TrainerRoad, Smart Trainers & ERG Modes!

This plan is the most comprehensive and user-friendly plan on the market! Only plans from Direct Power Coaching come with support. We win when you do so buy this plan and will support you by providing you a free guide to download in day one and if you do have any questions you can email and we will respond within 48 hours.

You can use any method to monitor your training, power, heart rate or rate of perceived exertion, although power is an advantage. You get key rides to ensure you are capable across every aspect of cycling; nutrition, hydration, technique, tactics and of course performance. Truly personal coaching without the expense of working with a coach 1:1.

95% of the sessions you will do come with comprehensive instructions, links to videos, blogs or downloads, plus they have the workout builder function and can be directly uploaded to Garmin too complete!

This plan has four midweek sessions, two weekend sessions. It also comes with two full core, strength and conditioning sessions (with downloadable attachments in day one - worth $125.00) & one rest day per week. This plan presumes you have completed a reasonable base period to build up the time your body is used to on the bike, if you have not done this consider it before starting.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:43
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:43
Average Weekly Breakdown

Pav Bryan: #1 Amazon New Release Author & Performance Director at Spokes Fit

Spokes Fit

Performance Director at Spokes, I am responsible for a team of over twenty of cycling’s leading experts and am a well-respected figurehead within the cycling industry.

I am experienced in public speaking and have presented numerous times around the world. I became a published author in 2019, with my #1 Amazon New Release book 'The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling'.

Sample Day 1

Tabata - Speed Style - Short

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency 

10 minute warm-up

Ok so it's very important that you focus on technique here not power, so low resistance please. Get to your peak cadence without bouncing for 20 sec then relax for 10 sec. Do this 8 times then take 4 minutes active recovery. 

Do this set three times in total but on after the final 8 intervals go straight into cool-down.

10 minute cool-down

Here's a guide on pedalling technique:

Sample Day 1

DPC Strength Plans

The goal of this session is to increase leg strength, remove any imbalances between legs & prepare the body for adding power to legs

You should consider professional help with this session

Follow the DPC Cycling Strength & Injury Prevention Plan then move onto the Core Plan once done

Correct form here is key

Sample Day 2

Pyramid Intervals - Speed Style

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency

10 minute warm-up

5x (15 sec hard 45 sec easy),
2 min active recovery,
3x (1 min hard 2 min easy),
2 min active recovery,
2x (5 min hard 6 min easy).

As this is cadence based resistance should be low & aim to get your cadence as high as possible for the hard parts (should be sustainable for the duration). During the recovery parts reduce all resistance and spin legs. Don’t worry about Zones during this part of the session.

5 minute cool-down

Here's a guide on pedalling technique:

Sample Day 3

Spin Ups

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency 

10 min warm-up. 

On a downhill slope or a light resistance on trainer start spinning your legs, increasing your cadence every min until you reach your max without bouncing on the bike. Then maintain for as long as possible, time how long you hold your max then aim to beat it on next attempt. 

Recover for 3 or more min then repeat as many times as you can. 

10 min cool-down.

Note down the peak at which you started to bounce

Something to help with preparing mentally for this test:

Sample Day 4

Activation Session Development

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop a day before routine (activation session).
Getting this right now will mean we know exactly how to prep your body the day before your key events so you are 100% at the start line the next day

Your coach will be happy to help with this but 
look to include your event warm-up & cool-down plus some high cadence low resistance efforts and about 5-10 minutes at race intensity

Make notes today & tomorrow on how it felt so we can come back to this and develop it over time

Focus on having everything ready for your upcoming event. Allow your mind to be filled with positive thoughts. Repeat mantras, power words or affirmations

Event checklist:

Sample Day 5

FTP Test

The Goal Of This Session: is to set a benchmark or check progress against a previous score

20 min warm-up. 

20 minutes maximum sustainable power. Conduct test & note results. Compare it to your previous. Changes can mean you are fitter or fatigued. 95% of achieved in test is FTP.

20 min cool-down.

Something to help with preparing mentally for this test:

Sample Day 6

Easy Solo Ride - Tactical Focus

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop technique & tactics without putting too much stress on your body

Nice & gentle ride, light gearing, little resistance, cadence high, nothing too taxing, hope the weather is nice :)

Check out the DPC Base Miles Guide:

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