Titanium Foundation 2018 - 12 Week Plan with Email Support

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:27
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:27
Training Load By Week

SAVE $20 by purchasing this complete 12 week plan over the separate 4 week plans.
This 12 week plan is designed to take an already fit rider through some base work that is higher intensity than most riders may be use to our have done year after year prior to this season. Typically in the past a lot of rides would slog away for hours at zone 1 and 2 just waiting for Spring before they would unleash their intense training rides. This plan has you riding more zone 3 and 4 than than you probably ever have done in the cold months. The intensity is not body crushing, but it is work that will have you so strong as you approach Spring, then the change over to zone 5 and 6 intervals will be supported by a huge aerobic base, a strength that gives you confidence, but did not fatigue you over and over to the point stagnation.
Includes email support. Beginning email to get you off to a good start. An email after each FTP test. Plus 1 email in each 2 week period.
Contact me at ncpowercoach@gmail.com if you want to take advantage of the email support or with any questions.

Sample Day 1
Spin The Legs w/isolated Leg Drills

MONDAY is the day to take off if you feel you need a rest day. It is OK to take it off. Rest is vital!
This is an active recovery day.
Just spin the legs. No force on the pedals, No Lactate in the legs. The goal is to preserve the 'feel' for the legs and muscles. BUT, to go really easy. So, keep the HR and watts LOW.
Cadence is normal as well. Not fast, not slow.
1 hour just spinning the legs, nice and easy at Zone 1 Active Recovery. During this easy effort unclip one pedal and spin one legged for 30 seconds. Feel the dead spot in the pedal stroke? Work on making it a complete circle. Clip back in and do the other leg. Do 5 of these for each leg.
Finish with just spinning an easy gear. As time goes on we will increase the one legged pedaling duration.

Sample Day 2
Winter: SST | 3 x 15 SST

WU: 10 mins zone 2
MS: 3 x 15 mins @ Sweet Spot (SST) with up to 5 mins easy between each effort. Feel free to do a continuous 45 mins. instead if you are feeling good.
CD: 10 mins.

Sample Day 3
Winter: SST | Sweet Spot-Sub Threshold Training

WU: 10 mins, then 5 mins @ Zone 3 95-105 rpm. MS: 30 mins @ SST 88-93% FTP , 90-95 rpm. Then 5 mins. easy. Now do 8 x 1 min fast pedaling (105+ rpm), up to 90% FTP, 1 min easy between each effort. CD: 10 mins.

Sample Day 4
60 Minutes BIG Gear on Trainer

WU 10 minutes spinning 100-110 rpm. Get good and warmed.
Then get in 4 minutes at 75-80 rpm mashing a heavy gear (53 x 16, 15, 14?) Then spin 1 minutes easy. Repeat for a total of 8 reps. Focus on a silent upper body and a smooth stroke. Watts at 85-90% of FTP.
Cool down 10 mins spinning a very easy gear.

Sample Day 5
Active Recovery 45

Zone 1 active recovery today. 45 minutes. Nice and easy. No burn, no power. Just spin and loosen the legs.

Sample Day 6
ENDURANCE Ride with SST CRUISE Intervals Z2

WU: 10-15 minutes working into your ENDURANCE Zone Z2. Then complete 3 sets of 1-minute fast pedals with 1-minute rests between to open up legs.
Main Set - Build endurance today! Once warmed up, ride in your ENDURANCE Zone Z2 over flat to rolling terrain. Focus on staying relaxed on the bike and spinning circles while keeping cadence between 90 and 100. During the last 60-90 minutes of the ride (after warm-up), complete 3 CRUISE INTERVALS at SST watts (88-93% of FTP) for 12 minutes each, with 4-minute rests between intervals.
CD: 10-15 minutes of easy pedaling in Zone 1.

Sample Day 7
Zwift Group Ride

Join a Zwift group ride. NOT a race! Find a group that rides around 2.5 w/kg. Keep a cadence of 90-95 and enjoy!

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