FTP Booster

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:52
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:52
Training Load By Week

Boost your FTP in 6 weeks. You will gain an extra 10-30 watts using this plan. This plan not only works on your threshold but includes sessions to boost your VO2 max power which in turns lifts your FTP. So you will come away with a larger FTP and VO2 max. Each week contains 3 weekday sessions that can be done on the road and are also able to be downloaded in erg or other format for your smart trainer or garmin computer. Each weekend contains 1 -2 longer endurance sessions to do out on the road. There is scope to do extra riding on the days in between. We suggest these rides be predominantly zone 2 so as to get aerobic benefits without inhibiting your performance for the planned sessions. If you have any problems or have questions along the way you can email powerlab@fitpeople.com.au at any time though out the training. If you would like to check us out first for peace of mind please visit www.powerlab.com.au To your measured success, Angus Harris POWERLAB CYCLING PERFORMANCE

Sample Day 1
FTP test warm up protocol

For instructions on exporting a workout to use on your smart trainer or Garmin see instructions here: https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000325647-Structured-Workout-Export

Sample Day 1
FTP test and cool down

FTP test

20 mins to achieve highest possible average power.

Pace it smart by holding back a little for the first 5 minutes. Then gradually build in to what you can only just sustain until 15 minutes. Then empty out everything you have in the final 5 minutes.

Make sure you press lap on your computer at the start and a few seconds after the finish of the test.
Cool down very easy for 10 minutes.

Your FTP will be 95% of your best 20 minute average power.

Enter this new FTP into your power training zones in training peaks and press save. All training will be based on this FTP value.

Sample Day 3
4* 10 minutes at 90% of FTP

4 sets of 10 mins at 90% of FTP with 5 min recoveries at 70%.

Aim to keep your cadence above 90rpm.

Sample Day 5
5 * 3 mins at 110% of FTP

5 sets of 3 mins at 110% of FTP with 5 min recoveries at 40%.

Aim to keep your cadence above 95rpm during the hard efforts

Sample Day 7
Endurance ride including 4 * 8 mins at FTP

Endurance ride aiming to hold 60-70%of FTP as much as possible - even on declines.

Within the ride randomly include 4 * 8 min efforts at FTP. Space them out by a minimum of 10 minutes and do them on inclines if possible.

Sample Day 9
3* 15 minutes at 90% of FTP

3 sets of 15 mins at 90% of FTP with 5 min recoveries at 70%.

Aim to keep your cadence above 90rpm.

Sample Day 10
2 * 20 mins 85% of FTP

20 mins warm up
10 mins 70%
2 * 20 mins 85%/ 3 mins recovery
10 mins 70%
10 mins cool down

Angus Harris
Powerlab Cycling Performance

From weekend warriors through to national champions. I specialise in coaching masters men and women and understand that they are different creatures to full time pro athletes.Training is built around your history, ability and time constraints. I am very mindful of masters athletes getting adequate recovery and hence monitor constantly to ensure you are responding to the training stimulus without over reaching. I will get you winning whilst maintaining a healthy family/ bike/ work/ life balance.