2019 - 4 Week Sharpen Up! with Zwift Workout Files

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:25
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:25
Training Load By Week

Faster on Zwift, and the Road

This plan is designed for the road cyclist training to race Zwift or the real world. The goal of this plan is to develop your skills and abilities to fare very well on Zwift as well as the real world races.

The plan is built by USA Level II Cycling Coach and Cat II road cyclist Paul Ozier. Paul has over 25 years of racing experience and more than 15 years as a cycling coach. Athletes coached by Paul have excelled to new levels, set personal bests, won races for their first time, and taken home Silver and Gold medals in state championships.

This is a 4 week plan. The plan will do wonders to get that fine edge to reinforce your all around rider abilities. Zwift is a unique platform that has different demands than real world riding and racing. Real world is improved by the Zwift style of riding, and vice versa. The online platforms have opened a new feel for training that actually helps riders, particularly with FTP and/or the ability to pedal non stop under heavy workloads.

We recommend you have the following abilities before beginning this plan:
Cycling 2+ hours
Racing fitness or similar experience
Zwift Account or similar

Workout Files. On most workouts will be a downloadable file. These can be used on Zwift, ERG Video, Trainer Road and most other training software. Also .FIT files can be loaded on your Garmin to use as a workout on the road.

Benefits of a High Power Coaching Training Plan:
- All plans have a 100% Money Back Guarantee
- Training plans are reusable; tweak your FTP settings and train again at your new found level
- Email access to the coach
- We build plans for athletes of all abilities and experience

You have complete email access to the coach - paul@peakscoachinggroup.com


Sample Day -3
Endurance 1 Hour

1 hour zone 2. Keep it on the easier side of life today. Just a relaxed stroll.

Sample Day -2
One Leggers & Fast Pedaling

Warm up for 10 minutes Zone 2.
Now do 10 x 1 min one leg pedaling intervals switching legs every minute. No rest between, just enough time to clip in and unclip other foot. Wattage not important, but form very critical.
Then 15 minutes at Zone 2.
Now do 10 x 1 min fast pedaling with cadence at 100+ at 90% FTP. Take 2 mins easy between each.
Finish up with 10 minutes at Zone 2 and cadence at 85-95.
Cool down for 10 minutes.

Sample Day 2
Power Bogs - Standing

Warm up 15-20 mins followed by 3 mins max watts seated. GO, GO, GO! Then take a 5 min easy spin.
Then do 15 x 30 secs starting in hardest gear at 5-8 mph. Tighten your abs and grab those bars tight!! Keep them both tight during each effort. Stand and stay standing while striving for 80 rpm within 30 secs. You should be bogged down and pushing to stay up!! This exercise is to build your muscular strength. Take it easy for 1 min. between each effort. After the 15 efforts, I want to you to ride 30 mins @ SST (Sweet Spot 88-93% of FTP) keeping that cadence at 90-100.
Cool down 10-15 minutes.

Sample Day 3
Zwift - Flat Course - Easy

Ride Zwift flat course at zone 1 and 2. Resist the urge to ride any harder. Save your energy for tomorrow.

Sample Day 9
Sprints - Zwift or Road

The Zwift flat course will take a rider though the Sprint banner and Start/Finish banner each lap. Warm up for a full flat lap. Approaching the start/finish banner for the completion of the first lap build speed, get in a solid cruise at 90-95% of FTP. With 200 meters to go I want you to spin up the gear and sprint. Entering the 200 meter mark you should be at 90-100 rpm already. Spin it up before shifting. Do not drop into a huge gear and get bogged down. Leg speed equals bike speed.
Now ride zone 1 and 2 until you approach the Sprint zone. Again build speed, get a good fast cruise rolling. Nail the sprint when you hit the line and the clock starts.
Do at least 3 hot laps which will contain 2 sprints each lap.
Finish out remainder of ride time cruising in zone 2 and 3.
The flat lined workout is just for TSS estimation. You will not download a workout for Zwift. Freeride and complete the work prescribed.

Sample Day 16

Short Zwift ride, but a lot of variety. Flat course is best. No workout builder for this one.
3 x small ring high rpm sprints for 20 seconds.
3 x big ring sprints - not bogged down, but also starting in a gear that takes some muscle and ending with spinning out the gear.
Take 2 flat laps at zone 2 and 3. Each time you come to a small rise/hill stand up and nail the pedals and crank out some force to get the bike up and over the crest before easing up. Maybe 8 to 10 pedal strokes to get "across the top" before letting up.
Let's finish with one flat lap at time trial pace. Set the throttle and just hammer it out.
Cool down and get in a recovery drink.

Sample Day 20
Zwift Fast Recovery

A series of intervals and ramps to build recovery adaptation. Have fun!

Paul Ozier
Elite Coach @ Peaks Coaching Group

Hindsight is 20/20. "If I knew then, what I know now, I would have been light years ahead of the game”. I am here to help and share the knowledge, lessons, and skills I have learned over the last 30 years so you do not have to spend years with trial and error, hoping to get better.

Specializing in: Road Racing, Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gran Fondo, Centuries, Zwift Racing. Plans for all abilities and experience levels from Beginners, Seasoned Riders, Masters, and Pro.