Power Specialty "Sprint/Attack"

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:30
Training Load By Week

N.B. If you are a returning costumer, please email us for 15% discount, stating your name and email and which other Output Cycling plan you have in your library. We will send you the coupon-code. --- This is a training plan working at your ability in the upper high end of the power output available to you. There's a lot of "red zone" workouts to ensure you improve in the short to shortish durations, that 90% of the time are the ones that decide the race. It takes hard work indeed to improve at repeatedly going int the red zone. So buy only if you feel up to the challenge.

Sample Day 2

1-1.5 hours easy spinning followed by stretching for recovery from the last few weeks of training.

Sample Day 3
Endurance Spin W/ Bursts

1.5 hours with a burst in the small ring every 10 minutes for 8 seconds. SPIN it hard and fast in the saddle for 8 seconds. Endurance pace otherwise. Stretch out well afterwards.

Sample Day 4

1-1.5 hours easy spinning followed by stretching.

Sample Day 5
Easy Spin w/ Jumps

1.5 hours. After a 20 min warm up, stay in the small ring and give me an 8 second jump every 5-10 minutes. Every 5 minutes if the ride is an hour or less, every 10 if it is 1.5-2 hours. These are not all out sprints, but just mini sprints at about 90% to get the legs going, to work on your snap, and keep the legs sharp for tomorrow. Be sure to spin easy for 10-20 minutes to cool down.

Sample Day 6

Hard group ride or race to keep you sharp during a rest week.

Sample Day 7
active recovery

If not racing, then sleep in, have yourself a nice big breakfast and just get in an easy spin to help your legs recover and allow yourself to truly rest and adapt. Stay in the small ring and spin easy. No HR over 120 and try to stay on the flats. Do it on a trainer if you have to, (cut the time in 1/2 hour if so). Really stretch out well afterwards.

Sample Day 9
Micro bursts

1.5 - 2 hours. Time to work on your ability do sustain multiple hard efforts and start working on your anaerobic endurance.

WU: Get in a good 15 min warm up with a 3 min hammer in there and some recovery time before hitting this one.

MS: Give me 3 sets of 10 x 15 sec ON/15 sec OFF going 150% of your threshold power (attack speed) in the saddle in the ON and going at endurance pace during the OFF. 5-10 min easy spinning between sets.

CD: 15 min easy cool down.

Dan Backhausen

Output Cycling is a small coaching business dedicated to training all types of cyclists, from the "newbie" to the very experienced elite Cat. 1-rider. All clients (athletes) are assigned a personal coach who, in addition to the actual training, factors in an athlete’s work and personal life for long-term success. All in the efforts needed to achieving the athletes personal goals. We "micro-manage" on a daily routine and pride ourselves of having that "part of the family feeling". Join us.