SEASONAL: WINTER Basic 12 week Plan for Power and Heart Rate. Start: Dec to Feb

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:29
Training Load By Week

This is the plan for a Basic to intermediate Cyclist. It's 12 weeks long and is built for both a power meter and/or HR monitor user. Made to start on December 1, it's a great plan to help get you through the winter. Complete with indoor workouts and also highly detailed instructions, so you'll always know what to do. Not as detailed as my specific winter power training plans, but based on the same power training principles and philosophy.

Sample Day 1

Welcome to your winter plan!

This plan is built so that you can ride either on the turbo or outside. Each of the workouts will be able to be done in either place. The first four weeks keep the intensity low, so a relatively low wattage output and heart rate, but I also want you to do some cadence drills in order to keep the legs used to quick speed changes. I have found that keeping your legs used to quick cadence changes over the winter gives you an advantage come the spring and it's easier for you to transition to your group rides, and early season races.

The next block of four weeks will begin to add in some more intensity preparing you for season. It takes at least eight weeks of solid sub-threshold(sweet spot) training in order to really increase your functional threshold power.

The final Block of four weeks will dial up the intensity another notch, so that you'll be prepared for any early spring racing and also ready for a solid focused spring block of training!

Also attached is a winter weight training plan. Make sure to download it from the "paper clip" in the upper right hand corner.


MS: 45minutes easy spinning 90-100rpm

CD: 5minutes

Sample Day 2
EASY ride!!

1-2 hours, just easy and riding easy and endurance pace

Sample Day 3
Trainer- one leg pedaling intervals,and 20minutes sub LT

Be sure to do 1.25hours on the trainer- 10 minutes warm-up and then do 10 one leg pedaling intervals
– 1 minute each leg.
Then 15 minutes easy,
and then do 10 x 1 minute fast pedaling keeping cadence over 100, but effort in endurance/tempo pace, with 2 minutes recovery between each.
Finish with 10 minutes at watts/HR at sub-threshold, and cadence in the 85-95 range.
Cool-down 15 minutes easy spinning

Sample Day 4
Trainer-Pedaling efficiency-

Working on pedaling efficiency.
Can be done on Trainer or outside.
WU:10- minute warm-up
MS: Start with 1 minute standing,
FOCUSING on your UPSTROKE(pull calf-muscles up), while standing.
Then seated and focusing on pushing with the hamstrings for 2 minutes.
DO 6 repeats of this, so you do both standing and seated 6x.
CHOOSE a gear that is challenging enough to work the muscles, but let the cadence drop to 70 on the seated stuff.
Then 5minutes easy, and then (8) x 1 minute fast pedaling intervals. Each minute is 110- 120rpm, rest for 1minute at a normal cadence…
CD:10 minutes.
*What's the wattage difference between the seated and the standing? Compare that to the HR difference as well.*

Sample Day 5
EASY ride!!

1-2 hours, just easy and riding easy and endurance pace

Sample Day 6
Medium, Endurance ride

WU: 30 minutes warm-up, just spinning at a nice easy endurance pace.
MS: 1.5 hours of riding with watts from endurance to low level tempo, just nice and steady. If you have to go over hills and your watts go higher, that's o.k, but generally average between upper endurance and lower tempo hr/watts today.
CD: 15 minutes just easy pedaling.

The weekends' this month are for just keeping your endurance and aerobic capacity stable. Just get in the rides, enjoy the cool, crisp weather. IF the weather is bad, then you can choose an indoor workout from anywhere in this plan. ( Dec- cadence based indoor workouts, Jan- more interval specific, Feb- Power(low rpm, high force) and sub-threshold work. )

Another note: All weekend workouts CAN be done on the Mt. Bike! All workouts should be adaptable to the Mt. Bike, and that is perfectly fine. In the same vein, you can even do these on the X-C skis or possibly even roller blades.

Sample Day 7
Sunday Endurance ride

WU: 15 minutes solid and steady.
MS: 2hours of good riding today, keeping it steady and smooth. Make sure to keep your watts in the upper endurance/lower tempo range today and just getting in a fun endurance ride today! Please do 10 little 8 second bursts today, throughout your ride.
CD: 15minutes spinning down.
Make sure your 'bursts' are seated in the saddle and getting your cadence over 110rpm for the full 8 seconds. These ARE NOT sprints, but short bursts designed to challenge your ability to change speeds quickly and improve your neuromuscular power.

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