Maintenance Training Plan 18-week for Cyclist $170.00-Adam Fivehouse USA Cycling L2

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Maintenance Training Plan 18-week for Cyclist $170.00-Adam Fivehouse USA Cycling L2


Adam Fivehouse, USA Cycling Coach L2


18 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling

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Maintenance Training Plan-18 weeks is based on an average 10 hours per week commitment with builds to 14+ hours at the end of the plan. Plan includes rest days on Monday/Friday. Recovery week has a benchmark test after the rest period to assess improvements in fitness. This plan will work to maintain current fitness or if you’re just getting started with a base phase, it includes some higher intensity workouts built in to provide improvement in lactate threshold. Workout intensities are based on zones that can be determined from a field test and or a lactate threshold test. Plan also comes with a detailed description document (downloadable after purchase) outlining many details.

Setting annual training hours is one of the most critical decisions you make about training and will help make a realistic decision on if this training plan will fit your schedule. To help you determine annual training hours- Add up your hours you have trained in the previous twelve months. Now divide this number by 52 to get your average weekly hours. The number of hours you train in the coming season – including swimming, cycling, running, weights and cross-training – determines your training work load. The plan can be modified to decrease or increase the weekly hours to accommodate lower or higher annual training hour averages. Please contact us if you have any questions about this plan, we’ll help you decide if it will work for you.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:28

Sample Day 1

Cyclist Field test

Follow the instructions in the attached PDF to perform the cyclist field test. This will help you to estimate your lactate threshold heart rate and set your training zones. This will enable the training plan design to be effective. Please consider scheduling a Lactate Threshold test with Optimize Endrance Services in the future. This will give you the true snapshot of your current fitness from which to train.

Sample Day 2

Spin-ups + dominant leg x2

Warm-up in Z1-2 for 10-15min. Then in Z2 do the following 3 times--10 seconds of high rpm, 10 seconds higher, 10 seconds max rpm and then recover for 60 seconds. Then do this 3 times--30 seconds left- and 30 seconds right-leg dominant pedaling (other leg loafs or is unclipped) and then recover for 60 seconds. Repeat all of this 2 times. Finish remaining time in Z1-2.

Sample Day 3

Tempo 2x15min

On road or trainer, warmup for 10-15min Z1-2 then ride for 15min non-stop in Z3 at low cadence, 50-60rpm. Recover for 10min, easy spin Z1-2. Then ride 15min non-stop in Z3 at comfortable cadence, 80-90rpm. Finish prescribed time in Z2.

Sample Day 5

Steady, Moderate Effort Z2

Ride on a flat to gently rolling course. Keep the effort steady and consistent in Z2 for duration. Avoid Z3-5.

Sample Day 6

Ride however you feel

Ride how you feel. If tired ride in 1-2 zones alone. If fresh ride in all zones and may be a group ride. Be smart!

Sample Day 8

90 second hills x8

Warm-up in Z2-3 for 10-15min. Then do the following 8 times on a steep hill or trainer with high resistance: 30 seconds @ 70-80 rpm, 30 seconds shift to a harder gear, 30 seconds shift to a harder gear, (90 seconds recovery). Seated. Heart rate zones 4-5 for 'Hills' all other time Z2 for the prescribed time.

Sample Day 9

Endurance spinning

Use the cadence mode if you have this available. Spin on the high end of your comfortable range in the small chain ring in the 1-2 heart rate zones on a flat to gently rolling course. Allow your feet and legs to relax while spinning. Note and record your average cadence for the ride when done. Attempt to stay at least 5RPM above last time performing this drill. Can be done on a trainer.

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