ALP Cycles Coaching - On-bike training with minimal time (3 months)

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ALP Cycles Coaching - On-bike training with minimal time (3 months)


Patricia Schwager

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Bike, 3 Other, 1 Run

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling

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This training plan is best started with basic fitness and a knowledge of training with power and cadence. Many of the workouts are power based, and a field test will be done at the start of the twelve weeks to find your specific training zones.
By the end of this plan, you can expect to have become a better and more complete cyclist.

This plan is built with blocks of two training weeks followed by one rest week. It offers three bike workouts per week; two with high intensity that will help improve your race speed, and one longer Endurance ride during the weekend to be followed up by a run.
The first block of training includes High Cadence drills, Tempo to work on basic bike efficiency.
The second block of training includes Sweet-Spot Intervals and Muscle Tension intervals to build leg strength and power at Lactate Threshold.
The third block of training has Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max intervals to build speed at Threshold.
The last block at the end of the plan has Under/Over intervals and 1/1min or 30s/30s max intervals to improve race speed.
This plan ends with a proper tapering-week which will make sure you are rested and ready to kick ass in your A-race.

Upon completion of the training plan, if you want to continue as as ALP Cycles Coaching athlete, the cost of this plan will go toward your first month's coaching fee.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:27

Patricia Schwager

ALP Cycles Coaching

Coaching cyclists of all levels/abilities skills clinics, race/team tactics lessons

-Silver level coaching: 225$ monthly (email 1-2 week, phone call: 1x month)
-Gold level coaching: 375$ monthly (email: daily, phone call: 1x week)

Our philosophy at ALP Cycles Coaching is that we provide every athlete with a individual plan. That includes a monthly or bi-monthly training plan, phone calls, e-mails, coach-athlete training rides and/or workout sessions/ skills clinics.

Sample Day 1

Field Test! Sprint, AA, VO2, FTP

The monthly power test does not have to be done monthly as the name implies however, you should definitely test at the minimum of every 8 weeks. The testing protocol doesn’t just look at threshold power and see if that has changed, it’s important to go ahead and test our 4 ‘power profiling’ time periods and also update our power profiling chart. The testing protocol is a great workout in an of itself, so don’t think that you are losing anything by completeing it. WU: 20 minutes with watts at Zone 1-2 MS: 3 x 1 minute high cadence efforts for at least 100rpm with watts at Zone 3 Tempo, 1 minute RBI. These are to help open up the legs and finish warming up the muscles. 3 minutes easy at Zone1- 2 Sprint Test: 2 x 10 second MAX Sprints from rolling start. Do not go longer than 10 seconds, we are looking at 5 sec peak power and max power. Jump as hard as you can out of the saddle and then sprint, like you are about to win a race(!), for 10 seconds. 3 minutes RBI with VERY EASY pedaling at Zone 1-2 Rest for at least 5 min after 2nd sprin, Zone 1-2. Make sure legs have recovered. VO2 Test: 1 x 5 minute all out effort. Powerand /or HR should be in Zone 5 range but this is a test so don't look at numbers during the effort. Punch it as hard as you can and hold the highest watts you can hold for the 5 minutes, don’t start too hard though! You want the highest avg watts you can hold for 5 minutes- this is also about learning to pace yourself! 10 minutes easy, Zone 1-2 Anaerobic Test: Do 2x1 minute efforts with watts at Zone 6 Anaerobic Capacity. But don't look at your computer- just go for it!! Out of the saddle and accelerating hard up to speed and then really pushing until you explode at the end of a minute. 5 minutes RBI, Zone1-2 Ride easy for 10 minutes at Zone 1-2 FTP Test: 20 minute Time Trial with watts at Zone 4 Threshold - but still not looking, this is a test, just like race. Go as hard as you can. Remember your goal: Produce the best average watts you can for the entire 20 minutes, so don’t start out too hard and blow up in the first 5 minutes. It’s important that you really give it your all. Focus and push hard! CD: 15-30 minutes of easy pedaling with watts at Zone 1 Active Recovery

Sample Day 2


(click on paper-clip to see attachment with exercises)

Sample Day 3

High Cadence Pedaling Drill w/seated sprint 5x5min

Warm up then
5 x 5 min intervals at varying cadences.
2 min RBI
Goal rpms (1min at each): 95, 100, 105, 110, 115 ( but only go as fast as you can while keeping perfect form)
* Last 15 sec of each5min interval add seated sprint, go for max rpms! goal- 130 rpms. Hit max as fast as you can and then hold on for the duration. Your leg speed will quickly peak but keep pushing through the entire 15 seconds.
High Cadence Demo:

Sample Day 4

Foam Rolling

(click on paper-clip to see attachment with exercises)

Sample Day 5

Endurance (ER)

WU: 10 minutes Zone 1, add 3 x 1 min High Cadence intervals (110+ rpm) 1 min RBI MS: For 1:45 hours maintain Zone 2 power/HR average CD: 5 minutes Zone 1, easy spinning

Sample Day 6


(click on paper-clip to see attachment with exercises)

Sample Day 8

Tempo 2x20min

WU: 15 minutes easy Zone 1&2
add 3x1min High CAD (110+ rpm) 1min RBI and 3min Zone 3 to wake up legs.
MS: 2x20 minutes Zone 3 Tempo
10min RBI
Rest of time Endurance pace Zone 2
CD: 10 minutes of easy spinning in Active Recovery Zone 1

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