Race Ready in 8 weeks

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Race Ready in 8 weeks


Coach Jeff Winkler

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 6 Bike

Longest Workout

5:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based

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You should have some base miles before beginning this plan. Ideally, you've been on the bike 8+ hours per week for at least 8 weeks. You can start this plan at any time during the season. You may notice more or less improvement depending on what you have done in the few months prior to starting this plan. Nonetheless, this plan will stress and improve all the physiological systems needed for success in road racing. This is a generalized program that is applicable to all forms of road racing: time trials, criteriums, and road races.

The plan also assumes that you are fresh and ready to start hard training. This is best achieved with a week off or easy week before you start the plan.

This plan requires 10-16hrs per week with most of the longer rides on the weekend. It is suitable for a rider with a normal work schedule, but may require time on the trainer during the week due to limited daylight.

This plan is not limited to any particular level of rider. The time commitment, however, may be a limiter and make it more appropriate for experienced or committed racers. Nonetheless, if this time commitment doesn't represent a large increase over your previous training volume, it may work for you. Finally, if you find yourself deeply fatigued at any point, you can simply take a few easy or rest days and then pick it back up.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:30

Jeff Winkler

Winkler Cycling

Over the past 25 years, I have coached athletes to multiple State and National Championship titles in the disciplines of Road, MTB and Cyclocross. I have worked with all levels of individual racers from novice to professional and have coached collegiate, club and amateur teams.

Sample Day 1

RECOVERY - Easy Endurance (Low Zone 2)

This is a relatively easy ride, but longer and slightly more intense than a recovery ride.

Average Power and Normalized Power should be fairly close and in the lower half of Z2. This means that the pace is steady and most of the time you are in low Zone 2.

Sample Day 2

TESTING: Basline Values

30min progressive warm-up
(as if you were warming up for 10-20km TT)
30min TEST EFFORT (monitor power and heart rate)
15mins at Zone 2 and 85-95 rpm
15min cool down

Sample Day 3

ENDURANCE - Steady Zone 2 ride

Nothing complicated, nice comfortable endurance-paced ride. Try to keep the majority of pedaling time in the middle of Zone 2.

Sample Day 4

RECOVERY - Easy Spin

The goal is to move the legs to support RECOVERY. This is NOT a training session, it is more like an easy walk. Limit duration to 1 hr and keep power and heart rate in Z1.

Sample Day 5

Pedaling Drills & Zone 4

10min warm-up
20mins Single Leg (5 L, 5B, 5 R, 5B)
10min Hi-Cadence Drill (2 x 3min ON at 100rpm, 2min OFF at normal)
4 x 5min ON at Zone 4, 5min OFF at Z1
10min cool-down

Sample Day 6

ENDURANCE - Mix of aerobic efforts

Hour 1:
15min warm-up at Zone 1 and 90rpm
45min at Zone 2 and 85-95rpm

Hour 2:
30mins at Zone 3 and 75 rpm (in drops)
30mins at Zone 2 and 90 rpm

Hour 3:
2 x 10mins ON at Zone 4 and 90rpm (in drops), 10min recovery between efforts
15min cool-down at Zone 1 and 100 rpm

Sample Day 8

INTERVALS - 4 x Sprints & 6 x Short Intervals

10min warm-up
4 x 20sec MAX effort SPRINTS. Full recovery (~5min) between each.
30mins at Z2
6 x 1min ON/OFF. The ON effort is the hardest effort to can maintain for the full minute (high-Zone 6 if using power). 1 minute OFF easy spinning b/w each effort
30min cool-down

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