10 week Fondo Plan


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10 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling

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For novice and intermediate cyclists looking to compete in a one to two day cycling event of 70-150km per day.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:45

Balance Point Coaching Team

Balance Point Racing

BalancePoint is a team of dedicated and experienced coaches specializing in physiologic assessments, technical coaching, and program design for all levels of endurance sport. With a strong emphasis on athlete education and an insatiable interest in exercise science, we are your guides on your athletic journey.  

Steeped in science, our unique method consists of 4 distinct features:  

  1. Physiologic Biomarker Assessments
  2. Custom training plans
  3. Technical raining sessions
  4. Communication

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Sample Day 1

Ride Structural - Attacking Climbs

Goals: Feeling STRONG on the bike with strong climbing efforts

Simulate Undulating terrain - every climb you have to slowly build your exertion levels for the duration - start out easy and end up attacking over the crest to accelerate over the top.

Warm up: 10mins easy spin to start
Main Set:
maintain an easy to moderate HR and keep it as steady as you can. Every 15min, do a 5min build (increase the gear every minute until 5mins is up)
Cool Down: 10 mins easy spin

Effort - 8-9/10

Sample Day 2

Structural Ride

Warm up: 10mins easy spin to start
Hold an effort of 6-7out of ten and keep it as steady as you can.
Cool Down: 15 mins easy spin

Effort - 7/10

Sample Day 5

YouTube Core set

Go to:

Primary focus: TECHNIQUE
Secondary focus: Challenge yourself by mixing up the order.

1. Push-ups 10-30reps
2. Leg raises 60"
3. Push-ups 10-30reps
4. Pelvic thrusts 60"
5. Push-ups 10-30reps
6. Back extensions 90"-120" (switch between 6 beet kick, star fish, and sky divers every 15")
7. Side plank 60"
8. 90d sit-ups 60"
9. Other side plank 60"
10. Front Plank 60"

Sample Day 39

Tebada - 15 on, 20 off

Goal: Functional stress on ALL systems- this one will hit your HARD

Warm up - 5mins easy gradual increasing HR

Main Set -
1 to 3 sets

Each set as;
15 secs ALL OUT (100% effort)
20 secs rest
repeat until you hit 9/10 exertion
Rest 5 mins between sets.

Cool Down - Balance of time

10 week Fondo Plan

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