Event - 16 Week Triple Bypass Training Plan

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Event - 16 Week Triple Bypass Training Plan


Sarah Matchett, USAC Level 1, Owner, Betera Coaching

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Custom, 6 Bike

Longest Workout

10:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate

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This plan is designed for the motivated athlete looking to thrive in the Challenging Triple Bypass Ride in Colorado. Training at sea level for 120 miles and over 10,000 feet of climbing at elevation is no joke and you've got to put in the time if you want to do well. This plan assumes you are currently riding 7 - 8 hours per week and it peaks at 14 hours.

This Program includes regular field testing to set up training zones and track progress plus mental training tips and links to resources for training and racing at high altitude.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:44

Sarah Matchett

Betera Coaching

USAC Expert Level 1 Coach

Online Coaching, Group CompuTrainer Classes

Sample Day 1

Easy Spin

Today is fun easy cruise - this is a test week so you want to save all your big efforts for you testing days on Thursdays and Saturdays. Keep it light and fun today.

Sample Day 2

Tune Up Ride

Warm up well for 20 -30 min. Then do 5 x's 30 seconds intervals at high cadence to get the legs feeling loose and peppy. Ride easy 2- 3 minutes in between each interval. Cadence needs to be higher than 110 rpms.

Ride easy 5 mins and then do one more 3 -5 min effort right at your estimated 20 min power effort - this is not totall killer just a good solid effort to prep you for tomorrow.

Sample Day 3

1 and 5 min Field Test

The Goal today is to get a starting point for your highest 5 and 1min power.

Warm-up: 15 minutes easy spinning
After the 1st 5 minutes, add 3x1 min superspins at 100+ rpms with 1 min easy after each.
Then do 1x5 in build where you gradually increase your effort from about an 80% effort to all out in the last 45 seconds.

5 min easy spin

Main set:
1 min hard as you can sustain-note your average power (or speed if you don't have a power meter) at the end of this interval.

Ride Easy 3 mins and repeat the 1 min effort. Your goal is to match or beat your number from the first one.

Ride easy 10 mins and then do one all out maximum 5 min effort. Be careful not to jump too hard in the first minute - 5 minutes is a long time when you're going hard so let the interval build.

Make sure you record your 1 and 5 min numbers. (avg power/avg speed)

You can ride up to 1:15 today in your endurance or all day training zone.

Sample Day 4

Easy Spin

Today is fun easy cruise big weekend coming up.

Sample Day 5

Threshold Test

Warm-up: 10- 15 minutes adding 3 x 1 minute fast pedaling (100+ rpm), with 1 minute in between. Then 5 minutes VERY easy.

3 - 5 mins effort to open up your legs for the 20 min effort. THIS IS NOT AN ALL OUT EFFORT. Just enough to get you ready for the 20 minute test.

Easy riding for 5 -10 minutes.

20 Min Power Test
Find a fairly flat section of road without traffic lights or stop signs. Do not start out too hard! You want to set a pace that you can realistically hold for 20 minutes. The first 2 - 3 minutes should not feel that hard. The fatigue will start to set in after the first 5 minutes. Try to hold it for the entire 20 minutes. Really push yourself - those last 5 mins should hurt. No Drafting!

finish with a 10 - 15 minute easy spin

Or ride up to 2.5 hours today in zone 2 for a solid little training day.

Sample Day 6

Joy Ride - How you feel Today

This is your hall pass ride - just go ride how you feel today.

If you want to crush it go for it, if you want to ride easy to the coffee shop do that. If you need the day off - you can do that as well.

Sample Day 8

Base Ride

The goal is to get your legs moving after a day off. Keep cadence high, at 85 - 95 rpm. Intensity should not exceed 80% of Threshold. It's OK if hit tempo on the occasional hill, but keep the ride focused on building lower level endurance today.

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