Sweet spot Power training 15 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:28
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:28
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Criss cross around FTP

BT: Criss-cross. Flat. Warm up. Ride 20 minutes. Criss-cross as you feel like it from low power zone 4 to upper power zone 5 every 1-2 minutes. 85-100 rpm.

Sample Day 2
Active recovery

spinning 1 hour <55% ftp

Sample Day 2
TRX Core

TRX CRUNCH 10 reps
TRX SIDE PLANK 30 secs each side
TRX PIKE 10 reps

Sample Day 4
Best CP30 Power test

BT: Start out with a 20minute warmup, which is just riding along at a moderate pace, about 65% of your max heart rate(HR) or what would be called your endurance pace Then do (3) fast pedaling efforts at 100rpm for one minute each with one minute of easy recovery pedaling between each, in order to further prepare the muscles for the effort. After these, then ride easy for 5 minutes easy at 65% of Max HR. Then the true test begins: •5minutes all out. Punch it and hold it! Then 10minutes easy at endurance pace-65% of Max HR. •Then do a 20 minute time trial. Try to do this on a road that is fairly flat and allows you to put out a strong steady effort for the entire 20minutes. Do not start out too hard! cool down 10-15 mins easy spinning to flush lactic acid out of your muscles

Sample Day 6
CP90, power

BT: Long warm up. Then time trial 60 minutes in tempo zone 3. Flat out-back. Race effort. Record average power, speed & heart rate. Otherwise keep heart rate in zones 1-2.

Sample Day 7
Tempo intervals, CP90 4x6 mins

Warm up 10 mins building hr in 2nd 5 mins Main Set BT: Tempo intervals. Road or trainer. Do 5x 6 minutes at CP90 (zone 3 power tempo) or 75% of max hr (2 minute recoveries). Relax! Smooth pedaling. 85-100 rpm. Aero. Cool down 10 mins lowering hr to zone 1 gradually

Sample Day 8
Micro Intervals Stomps 15s

Warm Up: 15 Minutes working Endurance Zone (L2) with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs Main Set: Micro Intervals. Spring training can bring mixed weather days so this can be done on trainer or long stretches of flat road. Complete 2 x 10 Minutes of "micro intervals", this is an 10 minute interval where you vary effort from 15 seconds at 150% of FTP (000w Target) to 50% of FTP (000w Target) for the duration of the intervals. Rest for 5 - 10 minutes in-between intervals at Endurance pace (L2). Warm Down: 5 minutes ***Build up to 4 or 5 intervals over time

Nick de Meyer
Sound Coaching

Nick has been a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach for 10 years, and has been a master endurance coach with Training Bible Coaching UK in that time. He is also a Training Peaks Level 1 Coach, and was formerly a Regional Development Coach for the South East region for British Triathlon.

Alongside his online coaching business, Nick also runs Speedy Swimming which specialise in 1-2-1 front crawl technique lessons, endless pool swim video analysis, swim clinics and group swim sessions