Roubaix/Gravel Race 12 weeks

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Roubaix/Gravel Race 12 weeks


Hunter Allen - Peaks Coaching Group

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 8 Bike

Longest Workout

5:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced power based hr based tss based

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YOUR SHORTCUT TO FAST Peaks Coaching Group

Roubaix/Gravel Race 12 weeks is a 12 week plan designed for the Cyclist or Triathlete who trains with power, HR (Heart Rate), or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and can train 10-15 hours per week (excluding Wk 1 & Rest Weeks). You will need to be able to devote between 2:30-8 hours to training on your weekends.

This training plan is made for the cyclist who is ready to try their hand at a Roubaix Race. You are going to have to be ready for VO2 efforts, big gear work, hard accelerations, and of course you'll need the threshold power and muscular endurance to get you to the finish line. I have built this plan taking all of these unique demands into account and it will prepare you to perform at or near the top.

If you want to take it to the next level and you are ready to put in the required work, then this is your plan.

Designed and written by Hunter Allen, former pro cyclist, co-Founder of Training Peaks and WKO, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and Cutting-Edge Cycling and Founder and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group. The Workouts included in these pioneering and ruthlessly vetted Training Plans are the same Workouts that Hunter uses with his own Clients. Battle tested and podium approved.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:53

Sample Day 1

Big Gear 10 x 1 & VO2 4 x 5 - Long (1:45)

WU: 20 Minutes working Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs

MS1: Once warmed up complete 10 x BIG GEAR WIND ups. Get in your 53x13 (ish) gear, grab some breaks to a track stand, then hit the big gear sprint! Explode from the start with the focus of getting on top that gear as fast as you can! Sprint until you hit 90 RPM, then rest for 2 - 3 minutes. Recover for at least 5 minutes before going on to MS2.

MS2: VO2max Intervals. Find a long stretch of road where you can complete this workout without stopping or interrupting the interval efforts (low grade hill / rise of about 1.5 miles works perfect). Complete 4 x 5 Minutes at 106% - 115% of FTP (Power Z5, HR Z5, RPE 26-7) with 5 minutes rest in-between. Cadence: complete the interval efforts at 75-85 RPM! Climbs on dirt roads will take lots of seated big gear pedaling and these intervals will really help you prepare to win!

CD: 15 Minutes

Sample Day 8

AC 3 x 5 x 1 (1:15)

WU: 15-20 minutes working into the Endurance Zone (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Add 3 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to open up your fast twitch muscles.
MS1: Once warmed up, complete 3 sets of 5 x 1-minute AC Intervals (Power Z6, HR Z6, RPE >7) with 1 minute of rest between the intervals. Go as hard as you can for the 1 minute as these are maximal efforts! Rest for 5–8 minutes between sets.
CD: 10-15 minutes of easy spinning.

Sample Day 30

SST with VO2 Bursts 1 x 30 min x 30 sec (1:00)

WU: 10-15 minutes working at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 2 x 1-minute Fast Pedals to wake up your legs.
MS: Sweet-Spot Interval with Bursts. Do 1 x 30-minute effort at Sweet Spot (89% - 92% of FTP, Power Z3.5, HR Z3.5, RPE 3-5) and every two minutes, jump and ride at 120% of your FTP (Power Z5, HR Z5, RPE 6-7) for 30 seconds. Recover back to Sweet Spot and NOT lower.
Terrain: Flat to Rolling; Cadence: 85 - 105.
CD: 10-15 minutes of easy pedaling.

Sample Day 40

Attack Sprints 10 x 15, VO2 4 x 5, FTP 4 x 10 & SST 1 x 60 (4:30)

WU: 10-15 minutes working at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 2 x 1-minute Fast Pedals to wake up your legs.
MS1: 10 x 15-second "Attack Sprints" at MAX effort. Pick a variety of terrains; short climbs, long flats, downhill, etc. Spin easy for 3-5 minutes between sprints.
Terrain: Flat to Rolling; Cadence: 85 - 105.
MS2: Do (4) hard VO2 max efforts (Power Z5, HR Z5, RPE 6-7) today on hills if you can. The hills should be at least 3-5 minutes long. Put your Power between 115-120% of your FTP or HR at 105% by the time you reach the top! Nail these and recover for 5 minutes between each.
MS3: 4 x 10 minutes at Threshold (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5) with 10 minutes of recovery between intervals.
MS4: In the last 1-1/2 hours, stop at a store, drink your favorite caffeinated energy drink, and then KILL it all the way home in that last hour! You should be in Sweet-Spot and Threshold, with VO2 max on the hills. This is hard and you should be cooked at the end!
CD: 10 minutes of easy spinning.

Sample Day 45

Active Recovery

MS: You get faster when you are resting and recovering, not when you are working hard!! Rest days are about going easy enough to really allow your legs to recover. So, no efforts over Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2) today, take it easy and look at the scenery.

Sample Day 46

Pre-Race FTP Cruise Interval 1 x 10, 3 Hard 200 m Sprints - Long 0:56:30)

WU: 15 Minutes in the Endurance Zone(Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Get in 2-3 x 1-minute fast pedals with 1 minute of rest between efforts.
MS: Pre-Race efforts are about opening up the legs and keeping the lactate processing plant sharp. Do 1 x 10-minute “Cruise FTP Interval” (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5) After the FTP interval, do 2-3 Hard 200m Sprints. Really push these so that you get those muscles "fat" with lactic acid and then allow them to release during your 5-minute rest period between sprints. Focus on tomorrow’s race during the efforts, breath deep and pedal smooth.
CD: 15 minutes of easy pedaling.

Sample Day 47


You are ready to GO!

Here's your warm-up:
WU: 5 minutes at Endurance Zone (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3),
Then do 3 x 1-minute fast pedaling efforts.
Each effort is cadence over 100rpm, not worrying about wattage too much, but focusing on fast, smooth pedaling and getting the muscles to "open up" and the blood pumping!
REST for 1 minute of easy pedaling between them.
5 minutes easy.
Then a 5 minute 'ramp' , gradually taking your wattage from level 2 to level 4 in minutes 4 to 5. You should be flat out at your threshold in that last minute.
Then 5 minutes at level 2.
Finally, do 1 x 3-minute effort at Level 5 or VO2max watts.
Then you are ready!
5-10 minutes of easy pedaling and then line up for your race!

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