2018 FTP FOCUS 4 Weeks, Repeatable - with Email support and FTP test

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:13
Training Load By Week

This plan includes email contact for the 4 week period - A 4 week plan to build FTP to a new personal best or reinforce your already strong FTP. Plan can be repeated 2 or 3 times to make it an 8 or 12 week plan focused on a rock solid FTP.
At the beginning of the plan you may email me for any questions you may have so you get off to a great start.
This plan includes email contact for the 4 week period (First email at start of plan is a freebie). 1 email per week from you and a detailed response from me. Also at the end after your FTP test I will gladly take a look at your pre plan FTP versus the FTP test results after this 4 week plan is complete. Will need your WKO file (or Strava URL for the two test), be sure heart rate, cadence, watts all are in workout files.
Contact Paul at ncpowercoach@gmail.com or Paul@HighPowerCoaching.com

Sample Day 1
Active Recovery 45

Zone 1 active recovery today. 45 minutes. Nice and easy. No burn, no power. Just spin and loosen the legs.

Sample Day 2
Power and Fast Cadence

A problem I see as a coach many, many times is a rider can produce great watts. In a race the athlete gets caught up in the moment and for some reason (we all do it) we let our cadence get out of control. Riding 230 watts at 92 rpm is a whole lot different than 230 watts at 100 to 105 rpm. This workout addresses the issue. The work today will be riding at higher power and higher cadence than you are use to. After riding this workout once or twice per week for 3 to 6 weeks you will discover that your respiration rate is no longer taking you out of the game.

Sample Day 3
SST 4 x 10

Warm up 10 mins at zone 2
Now do 4 x 10 minutes at Sweet Spot (SST). Do an easy 3 minutes between each effort.
Cool down 10 minutes.

Sample Day 4
Endurance/Tempo Ride

Today's goal is to build up your aerobic capacity, which will be done by riding at at endurance/tempo pace.
Warm up 15 minutes
1.5 hours of riding with watts in Upper Endurance/Lower Tempo zone Keep cadence in the 90-95 rpm range.
Cool down 10 minutes of easy riding, then stretch.

Sample Day 5
Endurance 1 Hour

1 hour zone 2. Keep it on the easier side of life today. Just a relaxed stroll.

Sample Day 6
FTP 5x5

Warm Up (WU) 10 minutes, also get in 3x1min fast pedals to get the legs ready to work. Watts in tempo is fine. Nothing too hard.
During the next 80 minutes get in 5 x 5 minutes efforts at 100-105% of FTP. 2:30 minutes zone 1 between efforts. Be sure to focus on a smooth pedal stroke and a comfortable cadence (85-95 rpm)
Cool down 10 minutes.

Sample Day 7
Sweet Spot 3 x 12 +45 Endurance

Warm up 15 mins, easy spin progressing to top of Zone 3 by the end of the warm up. Give yourself 3 minutes easy spinning before starting efforts.
Now do 3 x 12 minutes at SST.
Spin easy for 5 mins between efforts.
Finish the workout with 45 minutes riding Zone 2.
Cool down 5 mins.

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