BRBC - Road Race

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BRBC - Road Race


Dara Wittenberg

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate hr based

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BRBC members training for the Senior Nationals Road Race.
You ride at least 4-5 days a week, with a weekly long ride of 25-27 miles.

Ideally you will have a heart rate monitor.
Please get a cadence sensor for your bike computer.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:24

Dara Wittenberg


Detailed, personalized plans and advice on training, racing, and improving your performance. We will dial in training and racing intensities using power, HR, RPE, and cadence. We will utilize mental skills training to make you pro- level tough and ready to handle anything race day can throw at you, and we will use drills to improve form in all three disciplines.
$400/ month and tailored around your goals, abilities, and lifestyle.

Sample Day 1

Drills- ILT's and spinups

Warm up as you like and then do the following drills: Spinups:
3 sets of (10 seconds high rpm, 10 secs higher, 10secs max, 60secs recoveries ).

ILT's (individual leg training).
3 x (30secs left leg dominant, 30secs right leg dominant). Really focus on one leg at a time and try to pedal in perfect circles.

Repeat both drills 4-5 times.

All the drills done in the small chain ring.

Ride easy when complete.

Listen to your pedal stroke- was it smooth?

Keep your upper body "quiet" as you do these: shoulders down, hands and elbows soft. Legs should be aligned throughout the stroke, heels down.

Sample Day 2


Take the first 20 minutes to warm up, then ride 5 x 3 mins at RPE 7-8 (comfortably hard) in one or two gears harder than you normally would so your cadence is forced down to between 65-75rpm. Rest intervals = 1-3 mintues as needed.
These "muslce tension" tempo interval workouts help build muscular endurance.

Sample Day 3


Isolated Leg Training (ILT) on trainer (if you do not have one, you can do this out on the road, but do not unclip. Simply let the non-working leg loaf and "come along for the ride").
After warm-up, alternate 20-60 seconds with 1 leg doing all the work-- and the other on a chair. Get a total of 8-10 minutes of ILT's on each leg during the workout. Alternate legs and maintain a domfortably high cadence. Focus on eliminating dead spots at top and bottom of stroke by sliding your foot across the top of the pedal stroke and unweighting your leg at the back of the stroke.

Sample Day 5

mdoerate ride with bridges seated

Ride primarily at RPE 6-7 zones and take as many bridges as you can. Spin up the inclines, staying seated throughout and trying to control your RPE/HR. Note how your HR relates to your RPE and cadence.
Chose the gear which allows the most speed, yet keeps you in the target RPE.

Sample Day 6

Easy ride

Just a steady, aerobic effort today. Keep it at RPE 4-5, with your cadence above 85 rpm consistently. Don't be lazy about shifting- find the gear that allows you the most speed but keeps you within the target RPE and cadence range.

Sample Day 8

2 cadence pyramid

Form drills- Cadence pyramids.

Warm-up 10 minutes, spinning 80-90 rpm in the small chain ring.
A cadence pyramid is done as follows: spin 5 minutes at 90 rpm, 4 minutes at 100 rpm, 3 minutes at 110 rpm, 2 minutes at 115rpm, and 1 minute at 120+ rpm. Your butt should not bounce on the bicycle seat and your toes and upper body should be relaxed. Can you wiggle your toes at high rpm?

Ride easy for 10 mins trying to smoothe out the pedal stroke. Listen to it- is it one smooth "whirrr"?

End with another cadence pyramid. What was your max cadence during the last minute on this one?

Sample Day 9


Cruise intvls.
warm up: 5 mins easy, then 15 minutes cadence pyramid starting at 5 mins at 90 rpm and down to 1 min at the max cadence you can hold with good form and without bouncing.

Main set: 4 x 5 minutes at RPE 8 (hard effort) with 2 minute recoveries. Shift between a hard gear for 30 seconds & a 'normal' gear for 60 seconds. Maintain the same cadence regardless of gearing. Your cadence be closer to the low end of your comfortable cadence range (about 80-85 rpm).

When the intervals are complete, spin easy with remaining time.

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