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3 Weeks to a Better Sprint


Tyler Clark

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3 Weeks

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cycling road cycling intermediate masters

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Plan Description

This 3 weeks plan is dedicated to making you a better sprint. Not all of us are born with a natural wicked sprint so incorporating sprint workouts in our training is necessary. This plan piles all my favourite sprint workouts in one block of training. This doesn't mean that once you are finished you will have a better sprint for life. Including one of these sprint workouts in future training week to maintain and continue to build on your sprint is very important.

Throughout this plan, you will be performing 9 different sprint workouts combining speed, power, and repeatability to help you improve your max power and sprint capability. The workouts will be spread out though out a basic mid volume base plan while allowing for the proper rest between workouts.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
11:40 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:20 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
11:40 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:20 hrs

Tyler Clark

Evolve Training Co Head Cycling Coach

I am a U23 Mountain and Cyclocross racer currently racing for Homestead Racing and Brevard College. My training philosophy involves using a combination of polarized and sweat spot training to help you become a more well rounded and therefore faster rider. With the use of these training methods, I will be able to help you reach your cycling goals at whichever level you compete.

Sample Day 1


Prep day for the week. This week will be very strenuous so its important to make sure you are mobile and loose before it begins.

- 10 x walking lunges with an upper body twist towards forward leg
- 10 x side lunges (Lunge to the right then left then touch ground in the middle)
- 10 x calf sweeps 
- 10 x dynamic quad stretch (Do a standing quad stretch then lean forward rotating at the hips until your body is parallel (or as close as possible) to the ground
- 10 x plank to downward dog then repeat
- 30 x butterfly hold
- 30 sec per side x lower body twist (Lay on back, bring your knees to chest then while keep shoulders on the ground rotate legs to one side)

Sample Day 2

Form Work

These will not very very intense sprint, instead we are working on technique. Aerodynamics play a big roll in sprinting so getting your form down will help you make huge improvement.

Preform 6 - 8 low watts sprints, really focus on your position and finding the balance between aerodynamics and power out put

Things to look for:
- Hands are in the drops (Sometimes on steep hills sprinting is better on the hoods but for most sprints the drops are far better)
- Elbows bent and tucked in
- Rocking bike back and forth under you while keeping torso quite
- Head low but eyes up so you can always see the road
- Making sure your body in on top of your bike, not over the back of the seat and not over the front of the handle bars (Caleb Ewin maybe able to pull that off but for most of us the best combination of aerodynamics and power output is right over the middle of the bike with shoulders, elbows and head tucked in close to our body)

Sample Day 3

Endurance Day 2-3hrs

Today will primarily be zone 2 (56 - 75% of FTP), keep the legs rested for tomorrow sprint exercise

Sample Day 4

High Speed Sprints

Now let's test you position with some high speed sprinting. In these sprints you will want to be going around 40 - 50 km/h and the easiest way to do that is by starting on a downhill. Each sprint will be 30 secs long and ideally you will be sprint about 15sec downhill then the other 15 along a flat


30 min warm up at zone 2

5 x 30sec sprint (Remember start the sprint on a downhill and finish along the flat) with 5 mins rest btw efforts

Finish by riding zone for 30min - 1hr

Sample Day 5


Rest up!! Keep the watts low and cadence high. Refrain from any accelerations, you want to be as rested as possible for next year.

Sample Day 6

Low Cadence High Torque Sprint

These are best done on an incline at around 2-3 percent. Each sprint shift in a large gear somewhere around 50 x (11-13), slow down until you are almost stopped then explode out of the saddle for 20sec trying to get so as high a cadence as possible. 

Note; If you spin out you need to start in a bigger gear

Warm up for 30 min at zone 2

5 x 20sec sprint w/ 5min rest

Finish by ride zone 2 for 30mins - 1hr

Sample Day 7

Endurance Day 2-3hrs

Today will primarily be zone 2 (56 - 75% of FTP). Focus on a high cadence to spin your legs out for this weeks work and to prep for next week

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