Master's Plan: 8 weeks to your "Peak" event

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:10
Training Load By Week

This master's plan is built for athletes age 50 and older. It takes into account that as we age, our bodies need more rest. This plan goes on a build: rest cycle of 2 weeks building, 1 week resting. This is your final 8 weeks leading up to you peak event or "A" priority event of the year. This plan is made to take you that final step to the top spot on the podium. It organizes your training, makes sure you address all of your energy systems, while focusing on your threshold power giving you the highest fitness possible. This plan gives you the perfect taper making sure you arrive at your event 'on form' for the day you want to be your best. How your final 8 weeks of training unfolds is absolutely key to your success and this plan will take the confusion and questions away, allowing you to focus on the hard work. The plan is made for someone with at least 12 hours a week to train in those last 8 weeks and is built on percentage threshold power and heart rate, so anyone can use it. Time to get ready for the final push and be fitter than ever on the day you want to be.

Sample Day 1

Welcome to your first day of training in your final build up to your peak. Each workout has a purpose and they are designed in such a way to make sure you peak on that final weekend of the plan. If you miss a workout, then go to the next one and don't try to catch up or 'stack' them on top of each other in one day. Focus on the task at hand and get them done. This plan is not easy and you are going to be tired, sore and maybe a even a bit grumpy at times, but in the end you'll be flying. Push through the pain and trust in the plan, I won't let you down!

One thing to consider on the weekend is that if you have extra time, it's fine to add on extra time on both the Saturday and Sunday rides. I have given you a workout to do on the weekends if you are not racing. If you are racing on the weekend then you need to make a choice and decide if you can race through or you want to ride easy on two days before your race and then 'tune-up' the day before.

In week 3 of this plan, I have written the plan so that you can use this template for a weekend of racing and how you should schedule any workouts in future weeks. Therefore, read forward to week 3 and that should give you a good idea of how your workouts would look should you (A): want to race well on the Saturday. (B) want to race well on the Sunday. or (C) Skip the races altogether and train through the weekend.

Do you best and push yourself to the limit in these workouts. Recovery is king as well during this period. Rest as much as you can between workouts, eat well and make sure you have plenty of complex carbohydrates with good healthy proteins. Recovery shakes after hard workouts and longer than 2.5 hour rides in order to help you maximize the training.

Here's the workout for today: 3 x 10 minutes at FTP.

Warm-up for 15 minutes- Level 2 wattage 56-75% FTP

Do 3 x 1 minute fast pedaling intervals with the goal of pedaling at 110+ rpm for the entire minute, with one minute recovery between each. Don't worry about watts or HR.

then do 3 x 10minutes at 100% of FTP. Push these!

Rest for 5-10 minutes between each.

Do these at a faster than normal cadence- by 5 rpm.

Finish with 4 x 1 minutes all out- This time hammer then and push it as hard as you can with an 'attack' at the beginning of each. Rest for 2 minutes between each effort.

Cool Down- 15 minutes.

Sample Day 2
SubLT-Crisscross to LT

Sub-threshold intervals criss-cross to ‘fire hose’ the bathtub. If you fill up the bathtub about 3/4 full and then every two minutes, take a firehose to it, then right before it floods the bathroom floor, you turn it off, and let it drain out to 3/4's full again... repeat.... This will help to improve the size of your 'drain'.

Warm-up 15 minutes

Do 3 x 1 minute fast pedaling intervals, just like yesterday then do

Crisscross 2x15 intervals with 5 min. recovery between each interval.

Ride at watts of 85-90% of FTP (closer to 90%), then every 2 minutes, pop it up to 120% of FTP for 30 seconds, recover back to previous pace -85-90%, but nothing below 85%!

Recover 10 mins. after first 15 minute and also easy after 2nd one too.

Finish with 2 VO2 max intervals

2 X 5mins. @ 115% of FTP watts
Rest for 5 minutes between each.

Cool-down for 15 minutes

Sample Day 3
NP- Microbursts

Micro bursts!

Standard warm-up for 15 minutes

and then do (2) sets of 10 minutes each of micro- bursts. 15seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF.

Each block is 15seconds ON- go to (150% of FTP) ON, and (50% of FTP) OFF- 15seconds is OFF period.

Repeat continually for 10 minutes.

Then 5 minutes= EASY spinning , and then next block.

Cruise for 15 minutes easy, and

then do 6 x 10second sprints out of the saddle, with at least 2minutes between each. Try to reach 300-350% of threshold power as your max wattage.

Cool-down for 15minutes afterward.

*Note: if you are not using a power meter, then you need to just do an 80% of 100% of your 'all-out' sprint effort for each "ON" period. Then pedal easy for the "OFF" period. This workout is nearly impossible to give guidelines for HR as your HR will not increase quickly enough in the beginning of the workout. *

Sample Day 4
Spin the legs

Just spin the legs. NO force on the pedals, No Lactate in the legs. The goal is to preserve the 'feel' for the legs and muscles. BUT, to go really easy. SO, keep the HR and watts LOW.
Cadence is normal as well. Not fast, no slow

Sample Day 5
Sub-threshold and one legged pedaling efforts

WU:10minute warm-up ,

then 30- minutes at 80% of FTP, cadence from 85-90, steady and smooth.

Then 10 one legged pedaling efforts. One minute each .

note which leg starts to "burn" the soonest.

That's your weakest leg. You'll want to try for 5 extra one minute efforts with that leg, just to give it some extra work.

Finish with 5 minutes smooth and steady and getting the 'balance' back between the legs.

Cool-down 10 minutes.

Sample Day 6

3-hours and just getting in a solid endurance/tempo ride. The Goal today is get in a good warm-up, ride on varied terrain with at least an hour of Focused effort at Sweet-Spot (88-93% of FTP).

If you live in a hilly area, then meter your efforts on the hills. After that initial hour of Sweet-Spot, then get in 20-30minutes of endurance riding and then do 2 x 15 minutes at threshold watts and push those right at your FTP (91-105%)..

Cruise for another 30 minutes at endurance pace, and then with an hour to go, make sure you stop at a store and get a caffiene boost (coke, red bull, etc) and finish on the way hime.. (4) 3 minute efforts at VO2 max watts, so trying to maintain at least 110% of FTP. Hammertime.

Ride at endurance pace for 5 minutes between each.


Generally ride in the endurance/Tempo pace and have fun today, with some variety of work. Getting in the time and the goal of those Vo2 efforts at the end is to both hit the watts and also to really fatigue those muscles, so that you finish both cardiovascularly and muscularly tired.

Sample Day 7
Sunday Endurance ride

WU: 15 minutes solid and steady.

MS: 2 hours of good riding today, keeping it steady and smooth. Make sure to keep your watts in the 56-75% of FTP range today and just getting in an endurance ride today!

Do 10 little 8 second bursts today, throughout your ride, just short big ring sprints is all you need to do.

CD: 15minutes spinning down.

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