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Zwift 3 week Grand Tour


Stephen Gallagher

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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based

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Plan Description

The ‘Dig Deep Coaching 3 Week Grand Tour’, is a Zwift virtual replication of the Tour de France which will allow people to participate and understand the demands of what it’s like to ride for 3 weeks, over variances of intensity and duration's.

We have looked at each individual stage and devised workouts that’s comparable to the effort which the actual riders will be taking on during the Tour. We have used our expert knowledge and many hours going through Power Data and stats from previous races, to understand and approximate effort during critical times of each stage. You will be able to feel what it’s like to attack on a punchy climb in Brittany, power over the cobbles of northern France and push your limits for long periods of time on Alpine climbs. All of the stages will last between 45 minutes and 1 ½ hrs.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:00 hrs 1:19 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:00 hrs 1:19 hrs

Stephen Gallagher

Dig Deep Coaching

Dig Deep Coaching is a global cycling and triathlon coaching company who provide targeted and personal coaching through an extensive team of experienced Coaches. The coaching ethos developed is translated into various disciplines including Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Track, Sportive and Triathlon. Guesswork is removed, knowledge is built, confidence increased and motivation unquestionable. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter #coachingworks

Sample Day 1

Stage 1: Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 1: Your Role - SPRINTER

You will be the team main sprinter today. Get ready for a hard finish after the easy escape is caught with 5km to go. Your teammates will lead you out and leave in in perfect position for the finish to fight it out for the win.

Sample Day 2

Stage 2 - Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 2 - Your Role: EARLY BREAK

On stage 2 of this Grand Tour, you are your team chosen rider for early break. You have the pleasure to be aggressive from the drop of the flag and make sure you do everything possible to get into the prestigious break away which will be in front for the majority of the stage. You will jump on the attacks at the start and it will take three big effort to take the break clear. After this the break will settle their effort as you increase your lead over the chasing bunch. With the finish line approaching and the sprinters teams hunting for glory, the break away ramp up the effort as you try and get to the finish line ahead of the bunch.
Well done on getting your TV time today, your sponsors will be very happy!

Sample Day 3

Stage 3- Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 3: Your Role - GC CONTENDER.

Stage 3 is the Team Time Trial, a crucial stage in the overall fight for the leaders jersey.
Today, the pace ramps up and the start and then you settle into a solid team effort pulling on short 1min turns like the rest of the team. Coming to the end of the stage you team needs you to start pulling bigger turns to force the pace up. Get ready for a hard end to the ride.

Sample Day 4

Stage 4: Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 4: Your Role - LEAD OUT MAN.

Today will start as a steady tempo within the peloton as you conserve energy for the last 20km.
As the race approaches the final, yuo start to make efforts to keep your team sprinter out of the wind and close to the front.
On the approach to the last 4km, you start doing big 1min turns with your teammates as you power along the front of the bunch keeping pace high.
You finish off your job with a large 1min powerful effort dropping your sprinter off with 300m to go. Job well done.

Sample Day 5

Stage 5: Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 5: Your Role - CLIMBER

On today's stage you will be hitting the punchy climbs in the west of France. With some shorter climbs early in the stage to warm you up, the big climb of the day is at Cote Menez Quelerc'h and it has a steep middle section to force the cadence down.
The finish is on a long 2km climb which is were you will contest a long drawn out sprint. Make sure you save some powder for that last 30sec burst to the line.

Sample Day 6

Stage 6: Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 6: Your Role - CLIMBER

Today see's you tackle the Mûr de Bretagne twice with the finish at the top of the climb on the second lap.
The race starts with some hard attacks, you need to make the effort just to stay on the wheels in bunch as the early break goes clear.
The pace ramps up over the stage until you hit the Mur for the first time. On the first ascension, the pace is hard at the bottom in it's steepest section. This is enough for you to make the lead group. On the final climb to finish the pace is again hard at the bottom but backs off in the middle as everyone waits for the move to happen. You attack hard in last 400m to line hitting a big effort for 45sec. Hard day out.

Sample Day 7

Stage 7: Dig Deep Coaching 3wk Grand Tour

Stage 1: Your Role - SPRINTER

You will be the team main sprinter today. Today is all about getting to the finish line as fresh as possible, you need to stay on the wheels as the pace ramps up as they peloton catch the early break.
Get ready for an explosive last few kilometers as you fight to keep position and get ready for a fast final 200m.

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