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2020 Road Base 3 - Coach Matt


Matthew McNamara

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6 Weeks

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Plan Description

Road Base 3 is ideal for those well into their aerobic development for the year. It is essentially a 4-week program with testing in weeks 1 and 6. Base 3 brings you into the realm of Threshold and Sweet Spot work, adds some outdoor intensity on weekends, and generally sets the stage for your Build 2 Racing phase...


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:26 hrs 5:00 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:26 hrs 5:00 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter
  • Heart Rate Monitor

All supported devices

Matt McNamara

Sterling Sports Group

So, You're thinking of hiring a coach but how do you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff? Well, I think street cred and experience matters. I've been developing as a coach for over 25 years thru competition, education and experience. I coach both power and heart rate, incorporate your life into your training plan, and put a lot of focus on skills and tactical development instead of just power numbers and HIT.

Sample Day 1

Spin - Level 2 - Built

Ride at an easy tempo with your Power/HR primarily in zones 1/2. Maintain 90 - 100 rpm if possible. Focus on smooth pedaling and suppleness. .Cap ride at no more than 120 minutes

Sample Day 2

Power Profile - Day 1

First day of Power Profile - see PDF for complete description of workout

Sample Day 3

Power Profile Recovery Ride

Recovery Ride after 1st day Power Profile Test - see PDF for complete workout.

Sample Day 4

Power Profile Day 2

2nd Test Day of Power Profile - see PDF for complete instructions.

Sample Day 6

3Peat Threshold - Level 1 - 3x15 85-105%

W/U: 15-30min

#1 3x 15min @ 85-105% of FTP
- 85-90%
- 90 - 95%
- 90 - 105%

Sample Day 7

Endurance - 1500 KJ's

A moderately paced effort - no sustained threshold or higher! - targeting 1500 Kilojoules of steady state exertion. Think of doing 15-30m blocks of steady state zone 2/3 power...but not higher

Sample Day 8

Core 360 - Round 2

3 x 7:00 minutes of dynamic movement including: - Elbow Bridge - Scissor Shoulder and Mountain Climber (knee to shoulder, low) - Lateral Plank hip elevate/drop. From the midline drop/raise the hips 6-10 inches, including obliques on elevation. - 10 rep sets of SUPER SLOW push ups until form breaks and/or hips drop. - 3 sets of 6 ea side - DB Snatch to Over Head Press (OHP) - 12 - 15 rep set of DB Goblet Squat (elbows to knees, hips and heels loaded).

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