FTP/Aerobic Capacity Build Up (8-12hrs/week)


Guillaume Plourde

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based strength base period

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6 weeks targeting a steady work load ramp up that is targeting an increase in aerobic capacity/FTP efficiency. You will go through a mix of short, medium and long intervals, specific strength and the plan will start and end with a testing session.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:31

Guillaume Plourde

Eastern Townships Endurance

Eastern Townships Endurance aims at fostering a healthy lifestyle around the practice of endurance sports. Even though I specialize in all cycling disciplines, I also work with runners/trail runners, cross-country skiers and multiple alternative endurance sports.

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  • Strength training
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Sample Day 1

Aerobic Capacity Shuffle

Kicking things off with some trials and error to see where you're at: interval durations are shortening through the sets but the intensity stays overall at the same spot. If you feel great after the first set, ramp things up for the second one.

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Endurance Return

Nothing hard here, this is a disguised short base endurance workout out.

Sample Day 3

Strength 5

5 x 6 mins intervals at a lower cadence to get a light burn, without a complete failure.This workout should reach a RPE of 5-6/10.

Sample Day 4

Base endurance 1.5 RPE

Use your judgment to keep a steady pace for the bulk of the workout (6-8/10). Feel free to switch things up by uping your cadence once in a while, or stand up regularly.

Sample Day 5


This workout is to spark things up for the upcoming test. The 4 sprints should be done progressively, the last one being the stronger. If you feel amazing by the end of it, leave it at that!

Sample Day 6

20 mins FTP Testing

It is well understood that a proper FTP test would last for 60 minutes, but it's also widely agreed that a 20 mins test represents something very close to 95% of your official FTP.

Sample Day 8

Tempo/FTP Strength Pyramid

Using your new zones, this is a long pyramid where intensity builds, while interval duration shortens. Fun one that shouldn't be underestimated.

FTP/Aerobic Capacity Build Up (8-12hrs/week)

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