FTP-FTHR Bike Test Week (English Version.)

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FTP-FTHR Bike Test Week (English Version.)



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1 Week

Typical Week

5 Bike, 1 Other, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based hr based pace based tss based

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In SWIMLAB use this plan to determine the actual Functional Treshold Power (FTP) and Functional Treshold Heart Rate (FTHR) for his athletes. With this numbers you are sure, that your following training will be as efficient as possible.

The included plan consists Trainingpeaks structured workout format, which will make things even easier for you. You can see your own training targets and zones for every workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications. And furthermore you will also see a graphic representation of the workout within the Trainingpeaks web portal and Trainingpeaks mobile app, which helps you to get a sense of the entire Workout by taking just one look at the easy to understand graphs and segments for every part of your training. You will no longer have to read through long descriptions and get everything at a glance.
The SWIMLAB athletes prefer this comfort since Trainingpeaks offers this awesome feature.

Of course, there is also the option of an one on one, phone, skype or email consultation. This would be at an extra cost giving you the opportunity to speak with me in person. For more info or to setup a consult send a note to: swimlabteam.es

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by SWIMLAB. The trainings included in these pioneering and examined training plans are the same trainings that SWIMLAB uses with its own clients. Field tested and podium guaranteed

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:12


With over 15 years of academic, training and competitive experience, SWIMLAB shares a training method that leads you to project your goals and archieve them.
With my sportings experience in SWIMLAB, we adapt your time and space to training, standing out for being a full time team and the complete disposal of the innovative athlete, as the aplication of new training methods.

*Degrees available to the interested.

Sample Day 1

Recovery Ride

optional todays training ....preare legs for a great week

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Ride

Sample Day 4

Pre-Test Training

This training session is to prepare for saturdays FTP-Test. It includes mostly easy parts with some short efforts to get your body ready for the hard session on Saturday.
IF you don't know your FTP or FTHR from a previous test, do 20 minutes very easy, 15 minutes so that you can still hold an conversation, followed by the 2 minute interval where you can just finish short sentences. Then cool down gradual and very easy again.

Sample Day 6

Fitness Test: FTP and Threshold HR

This fitness test helps you to set your power or heart rate thresholds for Training Peaks.

Warm Up:
20 mins in Z2,
5 x (15 secs in Z4 + 45 secs easy in Z2).
5 mins in Z3
5 mins in Z2

Main Set:
20 mins maximal steady state time trial. Go as hard as you can sustain for 20-minutes.

Warm Down:
20 mins in Z2.

Note: Alternatively, if you have a bike training device with its own "FTP" test protocol, you could use that instead.

TIP: Have a fan and/or air conditioning, so that heat stress is not a limiting factor for this test.

Sample Day 7

Recovery Ride

This is an easy recovery session, to loosen your muscles after yesterdays demanding test. Please make sure that you are not going harder as indicated.

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