6 weeks to race day - Anaerobic Power Improvement (with Workout Builder)

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6 weeks to race day - Anaerobic Power Improvement (with Workout Builder)


Dion Guy

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate power based tss based

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The 6 week Anaerobic Power Development Plan will get you ready for race season.With high intensity intervals focusing on improving your anaerobic power, this plan will get you ready for exerting surges and break away to get you to the finish fast.

Preceding Plan: This should be preceded by a base block/plan OR a FTP Improvement plan
Next Plan: This plan should be followed by a transition plan

Focus Area:
- Anaerobic Power improvement
- Lactate Tolerance
- Carb utilization improvement

Communication via whatsapp/sms is welcome through this plan

A power meter (smart trainer) and/or heart rate monitor necessary for compliance

On average we have seen an improvement of up to 15% on VO2max and anaerobic threshold through the completion of the 8 week Base Training Plan


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:22

Dion Guy

Pain Cave Coaching

Dion is a qualified exercise physiologist and has been racing bicycles since the early 2000's, first starting out as a professional triathlete before moving into road cycling and mountain biking. He now finds his enjoyment in ultra distance cycling, where he races competitively and guides athletes to their best performances.With his degree and past performance he has the ability to apply the science to training. He is also the founder of the Pain Cave cycling performance centers in South Africa.

Sample Day 1

Ramp Test

The Ramp Test is an assessment workout that uses gradual increases in Target Power to push you as hard as possible over the course of a fairly short but demanding, continuous effort.

The first half of the workout takes place at low enough intensities that you should not require any extra warming. It begins with a very light 5 minutes of easy pedaling around 50% of your FTP, and then Target Power slightly increases every minute, on the minute. Simply match your watts to the Target Power and hang in there for as long as you can.

Typically, the test lasts between 16-20 minutes and really doesn’t feel too uncomfortable until those final few minutes. At that time, it’s imperative that you really push yourself. Keep turning those pedals over until you simply cannot maintain Target Power any longer.

There is no requirement to finish your final minute in order to get a proper FTP estimate, and even lasting a few seconds into your final step will influence your new FTP estimate. Every second counts.

Stay seated for the entire test, and don’t worry about any specific cadence. Simply turn the pedals until you can’t reach the goal power any longer. The test is complete as soon as you are unable to pedal or your watts begin dropping, and there is no benefit to continuing once your watts start to fall.

Take 75% of the last fully completed block. This will correlate to your FTP

Please input your NEW FTP into the Zone settings of your account

Sample Day 2

Easy Ride L1/L2 - FASTED

Easy ride, high cadence

Sample Day 3

5 x 30s@180/60s@90

8 x 30s@150% follow by 1 min @90%.
Neuromuscular attacks
Full recovery between

TR: Backbone
XERT: SMART Raining Blood

Sample Day 4

Zwift 90 min Free Ride

Free ride on Zwift - ride to RPE 5/6

This shouldn't feel hard, nice and easy

Sample Day 5

4 hour LSD with NM bursts

4 hours LSD (zone 2) - steady NOT slow with 3-4 x 10 sec sprints (aim for MAX power) with full recovery (minimum 8 minutes) between sprints

Sample Day 6

Coffee/Group Ride

Easy L1/L2

Sample Day 8

Sprint (15 & 30 sec sprints)

Combination of sprints and Anaerobic Power intervals. Very intense!

Your target average power is listed for each interval. Aim to average within 10 watts (above or below) the target power number shown.

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