Peak training (cycling-POWER based - structured workouts) - 6 week plan (professional cyclists)

Average Weekly Training Hours 16:36
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 16:36
Training Load By Week

This plan builds your aerobic power, speed and strength endurance during a 6-week period in preparation of a peak performance. Scientific research shows that a 6 week period is sufficient to reach peak performance after having developped a solid aerobic and strength endurance base.

This training plan is based on the most recent scientific standards in endurance training. For the best results, combine this plan with a healthy diet and a well balanced daily schedule.

This plan is tailored for the professional cyclist with a solid aerobic endurance. Lower performance level athletes find more appropriate plans in this store. Please take a look to one of my other peak training plans.

Before you start a peak training program, we recommend to consult a doctor for a medical check up. Do not embark upon a training training plan if injured or feeling unwell. If in doubt consult your doctor before you commence training.

Sample Day 1
Warm welcome training set

Sample Day 2


After doing this test: fill in your threshold heart rate (= use average heart rate of the 20 min test as a reference) into your personal settings and have your training zones calculated.

Sample Day 3
Mobility and core

See attached PDF file for program details. You can also log in the website and see the video's for more information

Sample Day 3
Active recovery

Sample Day 4
Aerobic intervals - Hungarian set

Sample Day 5
Active recovery

Sample Day 6
Derny training

1h30 training behind a motorcycle or derny. Ride @ 65-80% FTP and @ a high cadance plus 100 reps/m

Reinout Van Schuylenbergh, PhD

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