Sweet Spot Base / Build Training Plan (Four Weeks)


Sean Vintin

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike

Longest Workout

1:12 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based tss based base period

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Sweet Spot training is used to consolidate, or solidify, all the mixed types of training seen in a structured training plan. The idea is that an athlete can use sweet spot work to strengthen the base upon which all varied abilities are built on (aerobic endurance rides, VO2 max intervals, anaerobic bursts, neuromuscular bursts, etc.).

By following a properly structured training plan, you can implement a mix of training to improve your abilities in a number of ways and then use sweet spot training to provide a better base of support to bring about higher muscular endurance / strength endurance / aerobic strength. All of which mean the same thing: a newfound ability to sustain higher percentages of FTP for longer durations.

But what exactly are those benefits? Increased fat metabolism via greater mitochondrial proliferation, increasing capillary beds within muscle tissue in order to bring more fuel to the working muscle, higher quantities of aerobic enzymes to break down fat as a primary fuel source, the list goes on.

This training plan consists of a 28-day block; 23 days of relatively hard work focusing on sweet spot with some small threshold and VO2 max sessions for progressive overload followed by 5 days of low-volume, high intensity recovery and of course, an FTP test (or two).

This periodised plan has been designed using over-under intervals and ramps to increase athlete engagement and break the monotony of sitting on a single power number for any particular duration.

I am happy to answer any questions via email and can provide advice on nutrition, methodologies, terminology and lessons learned from my own personal experiences.

This training plan is Zwift and TrainerRoad compatible.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:48

Big Development Coaching

Big Development Coaching

I offer personalised and customised training plans based on the fundamental principles of exercise physiology so you can train smarter, accelerate progress and peak at exactly the right moment.

My training plans include power-duration testing and block periodisation / progressive overload that have been intelligently designed, with shorter sessions mid-week and longer endurance work on the weekend to provide structure, consistency and allow time for your friends, family and career.

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Sample Day 1

3 x 6 Minute Sweet Spot Ramps

A series of three three-step ramps. This workout is designed to challenge your ability to make small pace changes to respond to terrain or race-day pressure.

Sample Day 3

Sweet Spot Progressive Ramps x 5

A series of five four-step ramps. Each ramp is progressively longer than the last and therefore each ramp is then progressively harder than the one that came before it.

The purpose of this workout is to deplete some of your muscle glycogen stores during the short early ramps and work on your endurance over longer efforts and the end of the session.

Sample Day 5

Over Under Sweet Spot Sandwich

Sweet spot over-under intervals with 30/30s sandwiched in the middle. Rest intervals are short to keep the heart rate high and the metabolic demands up.

The session is challenging, but not of the ‘extreme / brutal’ variety. You’ll know you have worked hard, but you should be good to go again the next day too. You want to finish tired, not destroyed.

The logic here is that athletes often have to produce short intense efforts sandwiched between more sustainable efforts. The power is never huge at any point, but the gradually accumulating fatigue, long(ish) intervals and a recovery period which seems to pass with increasing speed as the hour progresses, means that you’ll want to stay mentally switched on to maintain that strong effort throughout.

Sample Day 6

3 x 10m Sweet Spot Over Under Intervals

Sweet spot training promotes mitochondrial biogenesis (the key to a strong aerobic base), increases your lactate threshold (helping handle intense efforts), increases your ability to store muscle glycogen and will help increase your VO2 max. The duration of these efforts have been designed to mimic efforts that are required to increase your FTP based on the classic 3 x 10m, 2 x 15m and 2 x 20m workouts.

Sample Day 8

3 x 12 Minute Sweet Spot Ramps

A series of three three-step ramps. This workout is designed to challenge your ability to make small pace changes to respond to terrain or race-day pressure.

Sample Day 10

Capacity into Sweet Spot

Racing often involves periods of short high intensity effort followed by a period of tempo riding. This workout replicates that.

After a good warm-up, the workout consists of fours sets of 2 x 1 minute capacity efforts leading into 5 minutes at tempo.

Sample Day 12

Not So Sweet Spot Ramps into VO2 Max

Time to challenge your ability to complete high Intensity efforts after first accumulating some time and fatigue at sweet spot.

2x 12 minutes over under intervals at sweet spot wit a 3 minute gradual ramp-up in both power and cadence to finish. Rest for 3 minutes between and go again.

The more efficient you are in the 12min efforts, the better your VO2 max efforts will be at the end of the block.

Sweet Spot Base / Build Training Plan (Four Weeks)

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