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Base 2 - 8 hours - Power Based


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4 Weeks

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cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss power based tss based strength base period

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Plan Description

Base 2

Base 2 starts 19 weeks before your A-priority race. There are two changes that occur now. The first is that you cut back on weight training, not only in terms of the number of days assigned to it each week but also the stress you apply with loads, sets and reps.

Strength maintenance is now your goal. Functional strength training may continue as before.

The second change is that you introduce sport-specific muscular force training with hill work incorporated into steady, moderate effort bike workouts.

Aerobic endurance and speed skills workouts continue as before. The endurance sessions continue to get longer as the skills sessions continue.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:55 hrs 3:00 hrs
0:32 hrs 0:10 hrs
1:10 hrs 1:10 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:55 hrs 3:00 hrs
0:32 hrs 0:10 hrs
1:10 hrs 1:10 hrs

Training Load By Week

Coach Harvey Leadbeater

Healthy Living Fitness Coaching

An endurance coach since 2012, Harvey Leadbeater works with cyclists, weight lifters, triathletes and runners around the globe.

Harvey applies science in his training guidance in order to achieve the maximum benefits for his clients fitness and health ambitions. He also consults with athletes and sports-related businesses. He has authored 1 book on nutrition and training -
Currently accepting new clients.

Sample Day 1

10 Minute Core Workout Video - Cycling

This is a simple core routine that you can follow whilst watching the video.

The purpose of this routine is to improve your core strength.

Core strength plays an important part in any exercise, especially cycling.

When you are struggling whilst riding or driving down a lot of power, your core is the thing that keeps your body swaying from side to side. If you sway from side to side you are missing out on driving that energy through the pedals and instead that power is being wasted throughout your body.

Video link below:

Sample Day 1

Muscular Force Strength Maintenance Gym Workout - Base 2

The purpose of this workout is to maintain functional strength gains made in Base 1. Weight training now focuses now on the loads potentially becoming heavier and the reps increasing. The purpose here is to matintain the strength gains made in base 1 and for the muscles associated with the movements of cycling be become stronger.

Rep range are based upon completion of two sets per exercise. First set complete at 60-70% of your 1rep max for a set of 12 reps. Set 2 complete at 80-90% of your 1 rep max for a maximum of 6 reps.  

If you feel you can do more whilst maintaining form, you need to increase the weight. 

If you do not have access to a gym with this equipment please contact and he will provide you with alternative workout suggestions.

Gym Workout example below:

10 minute gentle cycle warm up

Squat Full Backbar Squat 
2 sets - 
Set 1 x 12
Set 2 x 6 
3 minutes rest between sets. 

Lat Pull Down 
2 sets - 
Set 1 x 12
Set 2 x 6 
3 minutes rest between sets.

Single Leg Leg Press 
2 sets - 
Set 1 x 12
Set 2 x 6 
3 minutes rest between sets.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row 
2 sets - 
Set 1 x 12
Set 2 x 6 
3 minutes rest between sets.

Leg raises -4 sets of 20 reps - 60 rest between sets.

Bent Leg Deadlift
2 sets - 
Set 1 x 12
Set 2 x 6 
3 minutes rest between sets.

Cooldown 10 minute bike

Sample Day 2

ME1 - Muscular Endurance - Tempo Intervals (4 x 6 mins HR)

Do this workout mostly on a flat road course or slight uphill ( 1 to 3 percent grade).

Power is the preferred measure of intensity for this workout but heart rate may also be used. If training with only a heart rate monitor, the work interval starts as soon as you begin your effort. During these efforts use perceived exertion rate of 5 to 6 out of 10- high scale.

PURPOSE: This is an introduction to slightly above your aerobic threshold. It will boost muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and improve your ability to burn fat as fuel.

Sample Day 3

10 Minute Stretching Workout Video

This is a simple stretch routine that you can follow whilst watching the video.

The purpose of this routine is to improve your flexibility

Flexibility plays an important part in any exercise.

When a muscle is tight, the range of movement is lesser than that of a supple muscle. Tight muscles also cause discomfort and are also more prone to injury.

Video link below:

Sample Day 3

AE1 - Speed Skills Pedalling Technique - 1 Hour - HR or PWR

Warm up followed by one legged efforts. After the single leg efforts, ride for 15 minutes at endurance pace (zone 2) , then move into high cadence fast pedals 135+ RPM. Followed by Cool down.

The purpose of this workout is to improve the efficiency of your pedal stroke.

Good efficiency provides a more thorough pedal stroke. If you can avoid mashing the pedals your riding will become smoother and more efficient. The more efficient you are the less energy is used to power the bike.

Sample Day 4

AE1. Base Maintenance 2h Power.

Base Maintenance Ride.
Ride on a flat to gently rolling course. Get at least 50% of ride time in power zone 2. Avoid 3-5 zones. Keep the 2-zone effort steady and continuous. After the ride confirm that you got at least 50% of the ride in zone 2.

Sample Day 5

MF3: Big Gear Low Cadence

This workout is most commonly done after MF1 & MF2. 

This workout now looks to improve your neuromuscular strength whilst touching on muscular endurance. 

If your knees complain during this workout, stop the workout instantly.

After warming up well, go to a road that is flat or slightly inclined. For safety pick a road with minimal traffic.

Ride the efforts in as high a gear possible whilst maintaining a consistent pedal stroke and the recommended cadence. Look to put in place the practiced perfect pedal stroke from prior workouts.

Whilst seated, drive the pedals down whilst keeping your core tight. Do not stand on the pedals at any time.

After each set, pedal gently for the given duration to recover.

PURPOSE: to greatly improve neuromuscular strength & muscular endurance.

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