Overload - Recover - Adapt. Pro Program (Pwr)


Richard Smith

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling advanced power based

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A specialist 10 week progressive training plan designed for trained and race experienced cyclists to build appropriate aerobic endurance/strength to increase functional threshold power (FTP) aiming to race in events lasting between 20 - 90 minutes who are using power measurement equipment. 1. Designed to complete the race preparation phase of a periodized annual plan 2. 5-7 hours per week assuming full time work commitments (evening indoor sessions during the week). 3. Can be delivered on a static trainer, rollers or similar during weekdays, outdoors, conditions allowing on Saturdays and Sundays. 4. FTP test at the beginning and end of the 10 weeks to benchmark progress. 5. Includes significant overload sessions where rider judgement is required together with active recovery. 6. Ideal race prepartion for 10 and 25 mile time trials, circuits races/crits, track endurance races and 40k triathlon legs. 7. Targeted and focused aerobic endurance training - very focused requiring significant mental toughness to complete. 8. Ideal for those aiming for a March to September race season this is best done between January and March of the preceding year. PLEASE NOTE. If you implementing this program WITHOUT the guidance of a coach, you MUST carefully monitor your recovery level as, even through active recovery and rest is included (and absolutely vital to the success of the program), there is a risk of fatigue. Please never train with a illness. Thanks! Rich


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:51

Rich Smith

RideFast Coaching

I'm a British Cycling (UKCC) qualified Level 3 Road and Time Trial coach and a Level 2 Track coach based in the UK.
I have completed the UKSCA Foundation course in Strength & Conditioning and the British Cycling 'Understanding Power' workshop.
As a mature student, I am half way through a Psychology degree with the Open University.
I prescribe coaching principally to individual amateur cyclists and triathletes nationally and internationally.

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Sample Day 1

Easy hour (Power)

60 min spin on the road. Pick a familiar route. Z2 Power at 90 rpm. Dont worry if you stray in to Z3 but don't push it.

Sample Day 3

Activation (Power)

Rollers or turbo activation session for use before race days or 'straight off the plan' to loosen the legs off in preparation for hard efforts.

Sample Day 4

FTP Benchmark test

Designed to set or test current FTP.

Sample Day 5

Active recovery

20 mins Z1 Very very gentle. 75-90rpm. This is just to warm the leg muscles and flush all the crap out. Never more than 20 mins. Never more than Z1. Stretch hamstrings.

Sample Day 6

Easy hour (Power)

60 min spin on the road. Pick a familiar route. Z2 Power at 90 rpm. Dont worry if you stray in to Z3 but don't push it.

Sample Day 7

90 mins Z2/3 road ride (Power)

90 min road ride at Z2/3. Aerobic endurance/tempo training.

Sample Day 10

TT session 5 (12 x 2 min intervals) (Power)

10 mins warm up then 12 x 2 min Zone 4 efforts at your 10 mile TT Normalised Power (NP) with 12 x 2 mins rest in between. 5 mins cool down.

Overload - Recover - Adapt. Pro Program (Pwr)

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