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Simon Says Cycling Coaching Group Training Plans (3 Week Trial)


Simon Kessler

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3 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate masters power based tss based

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Plan Description

“Test the Simon Says Cycling Coaching Group membership plans and take your cycling to the Next Level!”

Training plan description: We are excited to offer you a free trial (use coupon code: trial) of our $49/month Coaching Group training plans! The training plan includes two training sessions each day on your calendar. One session will have a Race (labeled "R") focus and another session will have a Fitness (labeled "F") focus.

The Race focus is designed for cyclists who want to be competitive in local group rides, races, and gran Fondo style events. The Fitness option will work better for you if your goals are long term fitness and endurance gains with training less intense compared to the Race plans. Both plans average around 6-12 hours/week and can be adjusted to fit your work and life weekly schedule.

The training is with Power and is designed in the Workout Builder format which provides your personalized power zones in each training session which are calculated automatically from your Threshold number inputted under settings. Additional benefits of the Workout Builder format include direct training session sync to your Garmin or Wahoo device and training session upload to Zwift, TrainingRoad, CycleOps and more.

Designed by former professional and multiple national champion coach Simon Kessler of Simon Says Cycling, coach Simon has coached for 25+ years and has enjoyed an incredible track record as a coach which includes state and national champions on multiple continents in road, track and mountain biking. Some of Simon’s clients have won world championship medals and gone on to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. With this plan, you receive 30+ years of top-level experience in a super effective training plan that will lead to fast improvements.

This trial also includes a trial of our Coaching Client Facebook Group. Simply request to join our Facebook Group and receive additional coaching from coach Simon plus information on nutrition, race day preparation, strength training, warm-up protocols, mental training audios, and much more.

Give the free plan a try (use coupon code: trial) and our Coaching Community and let us know how you enjoy the training and coaching! To learn more or join our $49/month Coaching Group membership please visit Simon Says Cycling >

Training for another race or personal improvement goal? Checkout our other training plans for racing (road, time trial, criterium), centuries, gran fondos, base training, power gains, and more. Visit:

Plan Features

This training plan starts on a Monday

The plan is reusable an unlimited amount of times

This plan works with power only (no heart rate zones)

Designed with the new Workout Builder - offering you more precise training with exact power zones calculated automatically from your threshold power (FTP) saved in TrainingPeaks

Download each session automatically to newer version Garmin devices with the TrainingPeaks IQ Garmin Connect App or to your Wahoo Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt with the Wahoo Companion App

Download each session in many different files formats compatible with Zwift, Wahoo, Trainer Road, Cyclops and more


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
12:32 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
12:32 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——

Simon Kessler

Simon Says Cycling

Do you want to make real improvements but are often left frustrated with your progress?

Coach Simon Kessler's proven track record (since 2001) has helped everyday cyclists and professionals achieve their goals and attain new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in their cycling.

Our training plans combine real-world experience with sports science and years of experience coaching cyclists from beginner to professional.

Learn more about our services at

Sample Day 1

Threshold R

Threshold intervals to build FTP.

The goal is to keep a smooth and consistent effort throughout the interval. These intervals are best performed on a flat terrain, steady climb, or indoor trainer.

Sample Day 1

Big Gear F

Big gear interval to develop muscular strength endurance.

The big gear interval is best performed on a route with no stops and on a relatively flat terrain or indoor trainer. Stop or increase the cadence, if you have any knee or other unusual pain.

Switch up your body position regularly during the big gear so that you ride holding in the drops, on the brake hoods, and on the top of the bars.

After big gear spin at a high cadence and include some max cadence spin-ups at a moderate intensity. Focus on staying very relaxed and avoid bouncing in the saddle.

Sample Day 2

Ride on feel - group option R & F

Road / All Zones / SS rpm. Ride as you feel with no structured training. You can do a group ride (optional). Enjoy the bike!

Sample Day 3

Sub Threshold + V02 R

Alternating 4 minutes at Sub Threshold / 1 minute at V02 repeated.

Your target power is listed. Aim to average within 10 watts (above or below) the power listed.

Sample Day 3

Tempo with High Cadence F

Tempo intervals with a focus on high cadence. When doing the 2 minutes at a higher cadence focus on staying very relaxed, hold in the drops or on the brakes in a somewhat aero position. See if you can ride comfortably over 110 rpms.

Sample Day 5

Endurance Tempo Ride R

Long tempo ride at your preferred cadence. This ride will become gradually more fatiguing over time. If you ride on a hillier route you may be over the zone on hills and below on downhills. Aim to average in the tempo range.

Fueling for a long tempo ride is important. You'll be burning both fat and some carbs. A pre ride meal with both is a good idea as well as some back-up nutrition in your pocket.

Sample Day 5

Endurance F

Endurance ride mostly in Zone 1-2.

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