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Gear Up Coaching's 8 week Build, 5-7 hrs per week (Advanced Beginner/Intermediate)

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

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Gear Up Coaching

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9 Weeks

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Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

Learn More about Structured Workouts.

Plan Description

This 8 week build phase training plan is for intermediate level riders doing 5-7hrs riding per week who want to take their riding to the next level. It includes on bike work and core work focusing on building fitness following a base period and should be followed with a specialty phase plan to hone fitness for your key event. Workouts are power based and many can be done indoors as well as out.

The focus of this 8 week training block is to continue to build endurance base and to build threshold capacity. We will also work on cadence skills, working at high cadence, low cadence and the transition from low to high, high to low and from seating to standing and vice versa.

We will start the block with an FTP test to set benchmarks and we will do a lot of "push" type work - pushing your threshold up from below. We will intersperse this with some higher intensity work to "pull" your threshold up by working over threshold. We will also do some VO2max targeted sessions which are great for developing your capacity to work above threshold for moderate duration climbs and other efforts in the 3-10min range.

After this block, why not consider continuing your build phase or transitioning to a specialty block ideal for hitting peak form for your key event. Check out our other Gear Up Coaching plans for more details!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:21 hrs 3:30 hrs
0:15 hrs 0:11 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:21 hrs 3:30 hrs
0:15 hrs 0:11 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter

All supported devices

Nick Humby

Gear Up Endurance Coaching

At Gear Up we specialize in coaching endurance sports, road cycling, mountain biking, gravel, cyclocross, time trial and triathlon.

Our coaching staff provide training plans, individual and group coaching and a host of other endurance sport related services. With over 35 years of endurance sport experience and the ability to leverage a network of specialists, we can cover your needs.

Whether a beginner or experienced rider and whatever your needs, Gear Up to optimize your athletic potential.

Sample Day 1

FTP Test (4x30 cadence drill version)

The classic FTP test. For both the 5min and the 20min intervals go as hard as you can.

For a successful FTP test, break the 20min interval down into 4 phases of 5mins. Aim for a soft goal target for the first phase then near the end of that phase ask yourself "can I keep up this intensity?" "can I go harder and complete the test?". Adjust your power accordingly. The last few minutes of the test should be an all out effort.

If on a trainer, it is essential that ERG mode is turned off if using a smart trainer. If outside, a 20minute uninterrupted road of about 3-5% climb is ideal.

After the your test note your threshold heart rate and threshold power. Adjust your values in Training Peaks to update your zones.

Sample Day 2

Gear Up Coaching's Core Challenge

Core is critical in cycling as it is in every sport as it forms part of your kinetic chain. A week core can leave you susceptible to injury. To determine whether you have any weaknesses in your core, try the following, focusing on good form and slow speed of execution:
1. 25 body weight squats
2. 15 push ups (do these slowly with a brief hold at bottom). If you are a mountain biker then make that 25 push ups. In fact, Geoff Kabush (Olympian and XC racer)) believes you should be able to do 50 push ups if you race mountain bikes
3. 1 minute plank
4. Hollowing test - (take a deep breath, exhale fully and pull stomach in back towards spine. Hold for 10seconds)
5. Balance test - Standing straight, lift foot off ground and place on other knee. Close eyes and balance for 1minute. Repeat with other foot

After the exercises, note how you got on. Any exercises you struggled with? Be sure to focus on those in the core sessions prescribed in this training plan.

Sample Day 3

9min x 3 Over unders (Tempo)

3 sets of tempo intervals starting with 2mins under threshold and then lifting for 1min to threshold and repeating 3 times for a total interval of 9minutes. After a rest, repeat 2 further times. This session will start to prime the body for recovery at higher percentages of FTP so when we do more challenging over/unders later in the plan

Sample Day 4

Core cruncher 0 (Beginner)

If you can't complete any of these exercises for the duration prescribed then do for as long as you can and try to add 1 second more each time you do the routine, until you reach the prescribed duration

Sample Day 5

3hr Group/Tempo Ride

Unstructured Tempo/Group Ride. If your group ride is shorter then add duration by riding before or after the ride. Aim for 2.5 - 3.5 hrs

Sample Day 7

Cadence Pyramid 1

Sample Day 8

4min x 5 hill intervals (High Torque)

High torque hill intervals to improve force capacity. We will be working just over threshold for the 4min set so put it on a big gear and settle in for some hard work. During the rest interval use a light gear and spin the legs out.

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