Taper Weeks - 2 Weeks - Road Race


Jonathan Melville

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate advanced power based hr based tss based strength

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Getting the taper weeks wrong in the lead up to your race can damage all the hard work that you put in. Which is why BCA has provide an example of a taper + race week to show you how be in the best shape possible.

The presumption of this program is the race is mid-season and fall on a Saturday.

Ideally to complete this program you should have at least a heart rate monitor. A turbo trainer is required (or exercise bike is perfectly acceptable). Furthermore, the program assumes you already know your training zones.

Week 1 - Taper week forced on races specific intervals such as attacking efforts and top end endurance. This is all done while lower fatigue with recovery rides integrated between "breakthrough" training session.

Week 2 - Race week which focuses on clearing fatigue, create race sharpness and keeping muscles activated.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:02

Jonathan Melville

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Sample Day 1

AE - Building Blocks

Type: Anaerobic End
CHO: Low - PFS

TU: Think of this session as if you were in a race putting out an attacking effort to get a break away.

Sample Day 2

AE5 - Race Attacks

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: High

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Effort level should be 85-95% of race intensity. Complete 30 second attacking efforts with 10 seconds rest (double attacks).

Sample Day 3

RE1 - Recvoery Ride

Type: Recovery
CHO: Low

RR: An easy ride to prevent the legs from seizing up after race.

Sample Day 4

AE - Heart Rate Response Exercise

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Low (Peak for session)

TU: Similar to Monday's turbo the aim is to increase the bodies ability to reacted to the change in demands (i.e someone attacking in a race).

The workout also improve leg speed as cadence should increase with intensity.

Sample Day 5

AE4 - 4 Minute Attacks

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: High

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: High zone 4 effort for duration. Plan for a few attacking efforts of 4 minutes @110% of FTP. Vary terrain intervals are completed.

Sample Day 6

EN1 - Base Endurance

Type: Endurance
CHO: High

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Last long endurance ride before race week. Steady state effort in zone 2. During climbs effort level can be increased to low zone 4, ideally completed while seated.

Sample Day 8

AE - STME Builder

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Low (Peak for session)

TU: Designed around short, power heavy efforts as a strength builder and to aid development in both Short Term Muscular Endurance (STME) and also recovery

Taper Weeks - 2 Weeks - Road Race

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