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14 Day Kinetic 365 Coaching Training Camp RPE


Scott Maclean

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3 Weeks

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cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters

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Plan Description

25 hours in 2 weeks with over 1400 TSS points. This is great way to super boost your fitness and get a variety of different types of training sessions.
You can add to the training or remove sessions. Enjoy


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:48 hrs 4:30 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:48 hrs 4:30 hrs
—— ——

Scott Maclean

Kinetic Cycle Coaching

Scott has worked in coaching & athlete development for over 30 years working with local, national and international cyclists. Coach Scott has a proven track record and has helped beginners complete their 1st century ride through to elite riders competing at the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympics.
Scott works with all age groups and offers one to one support, club and team coaching seminars, training camps, bike fits & offers a range of training methods & plans that work to individual needs.

Sample Day 1

The Test - Measure VO2 power increase

If you want to measure your progress at the start and the end then are quite a few ways.

This is just one and easy to do

This is best done on a turbo trainer as you have no weather to contend with.

Complete the warm up in the session and then deliver a full gas 3 min effort. You need to make sure that you lap or individually measure the 3 mins as you need the average power.

When you have the average power for the 3 mins This gives you an aerobic capacity score. We can use that as a means to measure your progress.

If you have no Threshold Power score then use this newly created power score and take 70% of it and enter as your FTP

Please watch the video below

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Capacity Push with Sprint Tags: 3 x (12 + 24 secs) into 3 x 20 mins at Sub Threshold

In this session we are going to develop your aerobic work over the sub threshold range again but with full gas 12 sec sprints over 3 reps that drive your hard into the ST range. You will soak up the efforts and hold the power. This will help you absorb a high level of lactic at the start and let the body build the resistance needed to push tolerance higher.

10 spin warm up gradually increasing the power every 2 mins.
Then 3 x 12 secs HARD with 24secs rest - after the 3rd sprint you then enter into ST range and hold for full length of time allocated. Soak it up!

Sample Day 2

Turbo Option VO2 Speed Efforts @ 10 x 90 secs mins with 2 mins recovery

WU: 15 mins at steady zone 2 with some fast leg spins over 10 secs. Gauge the warm up like normal and take a few mins more if needed.

Session: In this session I want you to push 120-125% to push the VO2. These are shorter efforts this week but they will still feel tough for those final 30 secs as you get into the efforts. No need to go beyond what is needed in terms of intensity.
If on the road then make sure you have good section with no breaks. Use the same strip if you need to for each interval.

Cool Down. Easy 10-15 mins in zone again - let the heart slide down gently.

Sample Day 3

Sweet Spot Bookends with Aerobic Slider Push Ride at 70-80% with 5 min push at 80-85%

In this session you have 2 x 15 mins sweet spot at the start and the end of the block. In the middle you aim for 60 mins at steady aerobic - I like to call this cruise speed. You should totally in control and be able to hold a conversation.
Look at what you heart rate is during the 2nd sweet spot effort if using power. What are the differences between this and the first one. The data can help you measure your gains.

Sample Day 3

Turbo Option: Aerobic Cruise and SINGING with feel and heart rate at 85% and power at 88%

The legs will have some effects from yesterday but you should be fine to use this as an easier day. Aim to push the system to no more than 85% heart rate or 88% FTP - even watch both if you can. June training still needs aerobic work and recovery periods to make sure that you can really push those short hard efforts.

Watch the heart rate and just feel this effort. Add to 2 hours if you have time or reduce to 60 - just stay aerobic! Enjoy - this is where you sing - if you can't sing the chorus of your favourite song then you are working too hard!!

Sample Day 4

FTP Ladder efforts at 2 x 20 with 6/4 splits at ST/FTP

15 min warm up - you can reduce to 10 if needed or even extend to 20 mins.

In this session you have 2 x 20 mins BUT with a difference. I want you to aim for ST hold at 88-90% for 6 mins and then push to 4 mins at 95-105% before returning to ST for 6 mins and repeating the 4 mins at 95-105%. You then rest for 3 and then repeat the 20 mins. Your ability to now catch the sub threshold effort after the threshold push is going to greatly improve your tolerance to the lactic build up. Enjoy - great session.

Sample Day 4

Turbo Option: VO2 drift reducer - Ramp downwards over 30 secs

Working over that drift period is tough but incredibly rewarding. In this session you flip the drift into short strain work at the end by finishing with minute efforts.

You have 10 x 30 secs with 30 secs recovery. I have set the bottom end at VO2 max and allowed you the room to move through to anaerobic range. Just aim to stay above VO2.

Take 5 mins recovery max - you can take 2-3 mins if you feel fine then hit 8 efforts and then 6 efforts.

Then you enter 5 x 1 min with 1 min recovery

This session is easier on the turbo.

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