Road racing: 12 week build & peak plan


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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 5 Bike

Longest Workout

4:05 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate power based tss based

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Plan Summary

- Intermediate level (1-4 years cycling)
- Riding regularly (4+ times/week)
- Plan duration: 12 weeks
- 8-12 hours week


The 12 week build plan will get your ready for your priority A event, specifically the plan is designed to help you with a road race and a time trial. Using the latest science based training principals, the plan will improve your fitness, make your stronger, more resilient to injury and set you up well for your target events.

The plan provides the following:
- Testing protocols to allow you to track your progress
- Power based workouts, available for download onto common platforms (TrainerRoad, Zwift, Garmin etc) 
- Improve stamina and fatigue resistance (reduces the effects of fatigue during long races)
- Improve your anaerobic system so you can cover breaks and attacks in a road race
- Improve your sprint power so you able to contend for the win at the end of the race
- Improve Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
- Free TrainingPeaks account (Premium for first 30 days)
- TSS based plan

The plan uses periodisation to split the training into three four week blocks, each block has three hard weeks and the fourth week is a recovery and testing week.
The focus of each block changes:

- Block 1 (4 weeks): Extended work at threshold, longer anaerobic workouts, sprinting
- Block 2 (4 weeks): Intensive aerobic work (above threshold), race specific drills and workouts, TT workouts
- Block 3 (4 weeks): Includes peak block and taper, 2 big weeks followed by 2 weeks of adaptation leading into your main event/s


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:07

Phil Crick

Pedal Action

Husband and wife team, Phil and Michelle Crick, based in Adelaide, South Australia, offering personalised training plans to athletes of all ages and abilities to help you achieve your racing and recreational goals.

Catering for athletes in three different countries, we are able to coach you remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Sample Day 1

M6 Threshold intervals (2 x 20)

On a mostly flat course with little traffic and no stops, ride at threshold pace.

Interval range 8-40 mins.
TIZ: 20-45mins

Can extend with zone 2 work

Sample Day 2

E6 Lower threshold ride

Use this workout to build your base at your lower aerobic threshold.

Sample Day 3

P06 Sprints

Use this workout to build your sprint power. This workout can be done alone or with a group or partner. Use street signs as finishing points. These sprints are max efforts, out the saddle as hard as you can. Start off around 90rpm on the drops and absolutely nail it.

2-4 sets
3-5 sprints per set

Sample Day 5

A01 Fast Group Ride

This is a fast group ride, almost race like, so go hard and fast.

Sample Day 6

A01 Long ride

Pick a flat or rolling route for this one, make sure you keep mainly in zones 1-3

Sample Day 8

M6 Threshold intervals (3 x 20)

On a mostly flat course with little traffic and no stops, ride at threshold pace.

Interval range 8-40 mins.
TIZ: 20-45mins

Can extend with zone 2 work

Sample Day 9

S5 Technique Form Sprints

This workout is about improving your sprinting technique. This drill is not about generating maximum power, although you will see high power spikes in your data.

On a slight downhill or in an easy gear, sprint for 15 seconds. Stand for the first 10 seconds then sit. Get in the drops, out of the saddle and sprint , make sure you are in an aero position and use your whole body to perform the sprint - get the technique right and don't worry about the power, spinning up to a high cadence (upto 150 rpm) is important on this drill. Don't change gear once you start sprinting.

Road racing: 12 week build & peak plan

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