Base Performance Power v.1.1

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:26

Base Performance was a plan designed to reach all the rider's who want to develop his performance.
Simply in his structure, the main propose is to deliver every single day a new training where we work all the capacities along the weeks.
In the working days the plan have the exactly duration of 1 hour, and in the weekend a litle bit more than 2 hours.
With this, you have always a workout to do, and you can do it indoor or outdoor. And, if you can do more than the total time of the workout, you can add more minutes after complete all the objectives of that day.
This plan is good for:
- the rider who do not have to much time to train...
- for that rider who don't know witch days can ride, so, everyday he have a new possibility
- for the enthusiast who need a new and different workout every single day, all the 8 weeks
- for who want's to develop every physiological demands of a cyclist
- for that ones who lik to train indoor.

and, don't forget we have other versions of the Base Performance, to deliver you 365 different workouts along the year, and keep you motivated.

Sample Day 1
Easy Ride

Sample Day 2
Progressive Block's

Sample Day 3
High Power and energy release

Sample Day 4
Cross Training workout

Sample Day 5
Aerobic wave

Sample Day 6
Long Sweet Spot

Sample Day 7
Endurance Ride

Tiago Aragao
Centro Treino Avaliação Desportiva (Portugal - Brasil - Brazil - Espana - Dubai)

Head coach of CTAD (Portugal & Brasil) Center Training & Physical Evaluation, coaching since 2002.
Experience in Cycling, Running and Triathlon.
Coaching Sports: Marathon, Ultra Trail, Trail Running, IronMan, Triathlon and all Road Bike Races, Mountain Bike Marathon & Cross Country or stage races: Cape Epic, Transalp, The Munga, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, Ultra Trail World Tour, Badwater - crew & pacer
I run Marathons, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Mountain Bike Marathon, Brasil Ride, Granfondos