Base 1: Cycling and Strength

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:57
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:57
Training Load By Week

This is a 4-week power base plan with 4 bike workouts and 2 strength workouts a week. The main focus of this plan is to build your aerobic endurance along with some muscular strength with the lifting.

You will spend most of your time riding at the top end of Zone 2. We will be working on building a good base fitness while learning how to spin at a high cadence. Most of the training is done at or above 85 rpm.

A few workouts have single leg pedaling drills build in along with some drills to start building your muscular strength.

For strength training, I use the TrainHeroic Program. This program is an online platform with videos and record keeping of your weights and reps. You will need to download the TrainHeroic App. Once you have this app. Go to the first strength day on your Training Peaks calendar. Here you will find a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to use the app and an access code for your online workout in the description box. For more information on Trainheroic go to

Remember this phase if a base on the building of the aerobic system and good pedaling mechanics and strength training.

I recommend starting with Base 1 if you are starting your training or need to add in some more base workouts before moving on to the Base 2 program.

Sample Day 1
FTP test

Today you are doing a 20 minute FTP test. This Test is to set and check your Threshold Power so that you are training in the correct zones.

The goal of the test is to see what the highest power output you can hold for 20 minutes is.

Please wear your heart rate monitor and use a power meter for this ride.

Sample Day 2
Lift:Day 1

Sample Day 3
AE Ride

This ride a easy Aerobic Endurance ride. Your goal is to spin at a high candace and work on building a good aerobic base and pedal stroke.

Sample Day 5
AE Ride

This is another AE based ride with an extra 30 minutes added on.

Sample Day 6
AE with Strength Drills

This workout is a AE ride with some Muscular Force Development drills. The MFD drills are to be done in a high gear with a low cadence of around 50. You are shooting for 6-10 revolutions of each pedal. This can be done on a hill of flat

Sample Day 8
AE with Single leg Spin Ups

During this ride you will work on single leg pedaling drills.

During the single leg spin ups unclip your right leg and spin for 1 min at an easy pace using the leg leg only. When the 1 min is up, gear up 2-4 gears and sprint with the left leg for 15 sec. after the sprint switch to your right legs. You have 2 drill per leg.

During the single leg pedals try and feel the full revolution of the crank and keep good tension in the chain. You should not feel a knock or a dead spot during the drill.

You can work on single leg pedaling during the 20 min AE effort as well.

Sample Day 9
Lift:Day 1

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