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Damian Ruse

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4 Weeks

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3 Day Off, 1 Other, 4 Bike

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4:00 hrs

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cycling road cycling beginner intermediate

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This program is part of the Beginner ROAD Program which is designed for those with less than 2 years of cycling racing experience who need to add power and speed to their cycling.

As part of the program you join the Training Club which provides the training plans, support, accountability, and expert coaching you need to succeed. Designed to be flexible and still allow for progress. Each workout is prioritised from most to least important in a weekly Workout Stack. This gives you the power to move workouts around your busy schedule. Including the ability to adjust your workouts when the inevitable illness, injury or travel occur.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:18

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Simple, science-based and time-saving steps for beginner road cyclists to rapidly add power and speed to get faster on the bike.

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Sample Day 1

1. FTP Testing

WU: 10-15 minutes building to 85% of FTP with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs

MS1: 3 x 90 second Opener Intervals at 110% of FTP. Rest: 3 minutes between of easy riding after first two then 3 - 5 minutes after last interval to recover before MS2:

MS2: 20 minute Time Trial. Try to do this on a road that is fairly flat and allows you to put out strong, steady power for the entire 20 minute effort. Don’t start too hard! You can do this on a steady climb or into a headwind to help produce steady power throughout the 20 minute effort. Once complete, spin easy for 10 minutes in Z2 Endurance Zone. Your FTP is the power average for the 20-minute effort minus 3-5%.

CD: Finish time at <56% of FTP

Sample Day 3

2. Intensive FRC Power Builders

WU: 10-15 minutes building to 100% of FTP

MS: 6 x 90 second FRC Climb Power Building Intervals at 120% of FTP on a 5-8% uphill (if possible). Rest for 7-10 minutes between intervals. 

Complete the first 75 seconds of each interval seated and in a larger gear then normal, then stand, and power the last 15 seconds.

CD: Finish time at 60% of FTP

Sample Day 5

3. EPD Sweet Spot Intervals

WU: 10-15 minutes building to 90% of FTP with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs

MS1: 2 x 16 min 24 sec EPD FTP Intervals
Start each interval with 3 x 12 sec max sprint with 12 sec recovery between sprints. IMMEDIATELY following third sprint (DO NOT REST) complete a 15 Minute Interval in the SST Zone. 10 minutes rest between intervals, easy riding.

CD: Finish time at 60-70% of FTP

Sample Day 6

4. Endurance Ride with FR Tempo

WU: 10-15 minutes building to 60% of FTP with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs

MS1: Ride at 60-70% of FTP

MS2: For the last 50 - 60 minutes of ride, pick up the effort to solid tempo zone (75-88% of FTP). Ride 1 gear "harder/slower RPM" then normal self selection, target 75 RPM

CD: 5-15 minutes at <56% of FTP

Sample Day 8

1. FRC Crit Sprints

WU: WU: 10-15 minutes building to 100% of FTP

MS1: Max# x Crit Sprints

CRIT SPRINTS. Sprint as hard as you can from a high tempo speed for 10 seconds, then recover for 1 minute. Go for 20 seconds, recover for another minute, and go again for 30 seconds, etc., until you get to 60 seconds. Each effort is MAX for effort length, with 1 minute of recovery between efforts.

REST; After your 60-second interval, take a 5-10 minute recovery (taking your bike for a walk), then go again. When you can't complete a full planned interval, STOP!

NOTE: If you can only do one block, stop there. Build up over a couple of sessions. When you can do three full blocks, it's time to try something else

CD: 5-15 minutes

Sample Day 10

2. Extensive Micro Intervals 40/20

WU: 15 minutes with 3 x 1 minute spin ups building to 90% of FTP

MS: 4 x 6 Min FTP/FRC MicroIntervals of 40 seconds HARD / 20 Seconds EASY for a total of 6 minutes to equal one interval. Rest 5 minutes between intervals, easy riding and do them on the trainer or long stretch of flat road.

CD: Finish time at 60-70% of FTP

Sample Day 12

3. Race Finishing Sprints

WU: 10-15 minutes building to 100% of FTP

MS: 8 x 90 Second Race Finish Sprints which are 90-second intervals in which the first 70 seconds are at 105% of FTP. At the 70-second mark, attack all out for 20 seconds. Finish each interval strong. Winning is hard! Rest 4 minutes between intervals.

CD: Finish time at 60% of FTP

Taper Mid Volume

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