Road Cycling 52 Weeks 3-4 Days per Week Beginner

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Road Cycling 52 Weeks 3-4 Days per Week Beginner


Hunter Allen & Peaks Coaching Group

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52 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner power based hr based tss based

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Road Cycling 52 Weeks 3-4 Days per Week Beginner is a 52 week plan designed for the Cyclist or Triathlete who trains with power, HR (Heart Rate), or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and can train 3-4 days per week.

This plan builds progressively, so that most of your workouts will get a little harder and your weekend workouts will get a little longer throughout the year. You will see improvement along the way, so you will be ready for the longer harder workouts when you reach them in the plan. Many times there are multiple workouts for each day, but you will have some choices, so don't be deceived by the hours per week thinking that you have to do all of the workouts shown on a single day.

This plan is a great way to give yourself structure and keep you focused throughout the year. You will emerge at the end of the plan year a stronger rider!

Designed and written by Hunter Allen, former pro cyclist, co-Founder of Training Peaks and WKO, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and Cutting-Edge Cycling and Founder and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group. The Workouts included in these pioneering and ruthlessly vetted Training Plans are the same Workouts that Hunter uses with his own Clients. Battle tested and podium approved.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:32

Sample Day 1

After weights

Welcome to the first day of your Road Bike Training Plan. This plan has workouts for 3-4 days per week. It is meant for you to do some riding during the week and also some riding on the weekends. If you cannot ride during the week, then that is o.k., you can take the workout from one of the weekdays and use this on the weekend. That is fine.

It is important to remember that you are starting a training plan and the plan builds each month, so you can improve and by the end of each month be a little stronger, faster and more healthy. As you improve you will be able to do more work, so expect some harder workouts as you do the plan throughout the year. Do not worry, you will be ready for them when they come, but also remember that they will be challenging! So prepare yourself for the challenge!

If possible, it would be great to work on your bike handling skills each week. This will help your cycling and make you faster on the road. You can do this within a weekend ride or during the week, it is your choice. Sometimes there are two workouts for each day. This means that you pick one of the workouts to do. Do not do both of them! This will give you some flexability with your schedule and also help you to understand the progression of the workouts as well.

I have included some weight training exercises to do one day a week for the first six weeks. This will help to strengthen your joints, tendons and muscles to prepare you for later in the season. I have attached the weight training plan on this as well, so please follow the weight training plan. You should plan for at least 1.5 hours to do the weights on those days. Remember, you are not trying to lift big weights, only to help balance the body, strengthen all the joints and prepare yourself for a great season of cycling.

I wish you the very best in your training and I know you will improve! Do your best!
Hunter Allen
The Peaks Coaching Group

Co-author- "Training and Racing with a Power Meter"
Co-developer- TrainingPeaks WKO+ software
USA Cycling Elite Coach and instructor
After weight training, spin on rollers, stationary bike, or indoor trainer. Heart rate in 1 zone. Comfortably high rpm. Stretch after.

Sample Day 1

MS, 3-4 sets

BT: Warm up 5-10 minutes. Then 3-4 sets of MS. Cool down 5-10 minutes spinning in easy gear/resistance at high rpm. For details go to:

Sample Day 3

Rolling hills seated

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

Sample Day 5

Spin-ups+dominant leg, endurance pace

Warm-up for 20 minutes, then ride at Zone 3 for 15minutes
then do this Drill: 3x(10 seconds high rpm, 10 secs higher, 10secs max, 60secs recoveries ) + 3x(30secs left, 30secs right leg dominant). 5 times. Small chain ring.

Sample Day 6

Easy ride

Ride in 1-2 zone on a flat to rolling course. How you distribute the time by zone depends on how you feel. But keep it on the easy side. Don't exceed zone 2 for more than a few seconds at a time as when accelerating from a stop light or going up a short hill. Comfortably high rpm. This is intended to be an aerobic maintenance ride.

Sample Day 7

Sunday ride- endurance

WU: 15-20 minutes, just riding easy, under zone 3.
MS: 1-1.5 hours of easy riding. Today is more endurance work, a touch slower than yesterday, and just getting the legs to spin around in today's ride. When you get home, your average for the ride should be in the Zone 2 range. Keep Cadence in 85-95rpm range.
CD: 10-15 minutes easy spinning the legs.

Sample Day 8

After weights

After weight training, spin on rollers, stationary bike, or indoor trainer. Heart rate in 1 zone. Comfortably high rpm. Stretch after.

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