Late April peak 2019

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:39
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:39
Training Load By Week

Final 7 weeks prior to Timaru Age Group Nationals. Designed for athlete competing in both TT and Road Race.

Sample Day 1
L1: Recovery

Easy recovery ride, use easy gears, spin at 95-115 rpm or more. Stay hydrated and stretch well afterwards. Enjoy an easy day!

Sample Day 2
L6: 30:15 Sprints 10

Aim: Develop VO2 max and muscular endurance through sustained time at high power and HR.

30s max, 15s rest x 10.

3 sets.

Sample Day 3
L2s: Aerobic with Sprints 150

Steady aerobic ride with two sets of sprints to keep the anaerobic system awake.

Sample Day 4
L5: Vo2max 4 x 8 A+

4 x 8 min Intervals today! Develops VO2 Max, muscular endurance, and aerobic.

Sample Day 5
L2s Aerobic with Sprints 1

Steady aerobic ride with 6 x 10s MAX sprints at the end. 3 -5 min recovery between efforts, your HR should be middle of Zone 2 or lower before the next effort starts. Practice gear selection and staying a low as possible while sprinting.

Technique is free - standing/ seated - find out what gets you max power and max speed!

For the warm up and cool down, maintain high rpm and low load, gradually tapering up (down) from the main set. Stretch well afterwards.

Sample Day 6
L4: 2:15 at FTP

WU: 10-15min light gears
MS: 20min zone 2
15min at FTP high cadence, aero position
5-10min RI. Zone 1 light gears(full recovery)
2 reps of 15min in total.
60 min zone 2, then
CD: 10min zone 1, light gears. Find the right gear, then go one easier and really spin with low load.

Sample Day 7
L4 Group Ride-Moderate

A5. Group Ride-Moderate
Focus: Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Speed
Light gears please

Brett Grieve
Cycle Lab

I am a cycling coach based in Christchurch New Zealand, specialising in road and time trialling.

I compete in the Calder Stewart Cycling Series, and have done so for the last 5 years. I have competed in the Tour of Southland several times and the NZ Cycle Classic and Elite Road Nations and Age Group Nationals.

Highlights include KOM NZ Cycle Classic Day 1, 2018, 9th Elite Men 40km ITT at the Elite Nationals in Jan 18, and 5th in the 2016 Elite Series, Elite Men.