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Matthew Bottrill

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 1 Other, 5 Bike

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters time goal power based tss based

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6 Week Training Plan
This is a one off 6 week build program for Time Trialling for people looking for inspiration, needing consistency in their winter training but with no ongoing commitment to coaching from MBPC.

The plan itself incorporates all the key elements needed to train at this time of year whilst consolidating strengths and work on weaknesses.

This plan is designed to give structure and specific sessions for competing in Time Trial events.

We have applied the Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching methodology of training in order to apply progression and consistency to the winter training.

How the process works:

You’ll complete an FTP test at the start of the plan in order for you to set your training zones for the remainder of the plan.
The plan starts at 6 hours in week 1 building to 8 hours by the end of week 6.
You then have the option to come on board for one to one coaching if you have enjoyed the plan and want to progress further.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:55

Matthew Bottrill

Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching LTD

At Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching, We offer cyclists, triathletes, road racers and sportive riders of all abilities the chance to achieve their goals. All our athlete's are coached using my tried and tested methods and training plans which are bespoke to each athlete depending on their goals and lifestyle. Training plans are also fully flexible; we understand the demands of life and know that planned training may have to change at short notice.

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Sample Day 1

FTP- Pre Power test- Intervals

25mins L2- cadence 90-100
2x15secs maximal sprint efforts spaced 4 min's apart- cadence to suit
4mins recovery-high cadence
2x1mins maximal (seated) efforts spaced 4 min's apart
16:30 Cool down and recover- high cadence

Sample Day 2

Function Threshold Power Test - 20 Minutes

Warm up for 10 minutes @ level 2 -------- 5 Minutes Z3 -------- 5 Minutes Tempo/Sweetspot -------- 2 Minutes Z5 -------- 30 Seconds MAX -------- 5 minutes active recovery ------- 20 Minutes Power Test - Start in control and try to build this throughout (turn ERG mode off if using a smart turbo) ------- 12.30 active recovery The key to the test is not starting to hard, getting up to speed and then trying to hold that power for the duration of the effort. The goal being to produce the highest average watts over the entire period. Test always carried out on the same bike- with the same power device and recalibrated before the session. SMASH IT!

Sample Day 4

Base/Recovery: Training-Level 2-HIGH CADENCE SPINNER - L3 STANDING/L2 SEATED DRILLS (Road or indoor bike)

10mins -L2 -cadence- 90-100 --- 5mins- L3/L2- 30secs L3 STANDING/L2 SEATED --- 10mins -L2 -cadence 100-110 --- 5mins- L3/L2- 30secs L3 STANDING/L2 SEATED --- 10mins -L2-cadence- 100+ --- 5mins- L3/L2- 30secs L3 STANDING/L2 SEATED --- 10mins -L2 -cadence- 100-110 --- 5mins- L3/L2- 30secs L3 STANDING/L2 SEATED --- 5mins -L2-cadence- 90-100

Sample Day 5

Base Training:Road/Turbo-split cadence L2-L3

Warm up 10mins-cadence @90-100
10mins L3-cadence @80-90
5min L2-cadence @90-100
10mins L3-cadence @ 70-80
5mins L2-cadence @90-100
15mins L3-cadence @ 70-80
5mins L2-high cadence recovery

Sample Day 6

Base Training-Endurance: Basic Level 2 ride

*2hr L2 ( Keep the level between the zone let it fall on the descents and rise on the ascents into high L3. Keep between the zone on the flats) Variations of cadence every 20mins 90-100 & 80-90.

Sample Day 8

3x 30/30 sweetspot-L2

10mins warm up L1 -L2 - high cadence ---- 10mins L3 -cadence 90-100 ---- SET 1 12 MINS IN TOTAL 30 SECS @sweetspot -30 SECS @ L1-cadence to suit best power output ---- 5 mins L1- Really easy high cadence ---- SET 2 12 MINS IN TOTAL 30 SECS @sweetspot -30 SECS @ L1-cadence to suit best power output ---- 1mins L1-Really easy High cadence ---- SET 3 12 MINS IN TOTAL 30 SECS @sweetspot -30 SECS @ L2-cadence to suit best power output ---- 5 mins L1-Really easy High cadence  --- 5 mins Cool down L1

Sample Day 9

Build: Sweetspot session 2x10mins

20 mins warm up L1-L2-cadence 100 --- 10mins @ sweetspot -Cadence @ 80-90 revs --- 10mins recovery -L2-cadence 100 --- 10mins @ sweetspot- Cadence @ 80-90 revs --- 10mins recovery

6 week build plan

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