PALMARES Polarised Training Plan designed by Jon Baker Ph.D

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Sample Day 1
Base Phase 1 - Week 1 (Aims: see description)

Physiology: Endurance, Speed Skill

Sample Day 4

If all else fails this week, try and complete this session.

Sample Day 7
End of week 1

CONGRATULATIONS on completing the first week's training!

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Sample Day 8
Preparation Phase - Week 2 (inc. Testing)

Sample Day 14
End of week 2

14 day LEVEL exchange guarantee

It's very important for us that our customers are happy with their training plans. If you feel that the last two weeks have been too easy, or too hard, we offer a FREE exchange to the same plan at an easier or higher level*

Please email:

*Beginner <> Intermediate <> Advanced

If this is not suitable, we can also help with a BESPOKE training plan.

Sample Day 21
End of week 4

You have now completed four weeks of this plan - CONGRATULATIONS!

You should be seeing improvements in your fitness and performance on the bike. One of the key elements of training, is consistency and a long-term vision - Rome wasn't built in a day.

If you would like to upgrade your current plan for a longer version, we will give you a 10% discount on the difference in plan cost. 

Please email me at:

Sample Day 22

Following a SKYPE consultation we will provide completely customised / bespoke training sessions to meet your personal needs.

YOU tell us what you want
WE build you a plan

Power // HR // RPE zones

Jon Baker, Ph.D

Jon is an exercise physiologist with four years' experience coaching professional cyclists in the UCI World Tour. At PALMARES, we have helped athletes of all abilities achieve their goals by utilising the latest scientific knowledge and practical training methods.

Our training plans are intelligently designed, with shorter sessions mid-week and longer endurance work on the weekend. Providing the structure and consistency to improve, as well as time for friends, family and your career.