Threshold Ladders v2.0

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:36

This is a test training programme.


43 Athletes have incorporated this into their training schedules as of 10 July 19. Their feedback has been incorporated into the plan already and a support page has been set up to share experience and ask questions:

Plan details

It is intended that this will compliment your existing riding routine and you should take care to schedule it accordingly. Please feel free to customise the warm up and cool down phases to suit your personal protocol.

Training in ladder form is a well established method of managing fatigue whilst hitting your target intensity.

You will be training around your FTP. I am interested to find out whether these workouts will allow you to increase your capacity at threshold and give you the conditioning to recover from the intervals over the course of the plan. This is not part of academic study and is purely to determine whether the format of format feels about right to experienced cyclists.

I would appreciate your feedback throughout and upon completion. If you would like me to review your progress please use this link to connect accounts:

Let me know if the intensity is right, the intervals are engaging and whether you are motivated to complete this plan. Please be very careful around the accumulated fatigue - get in touch if you need help, don't risk burnout!

All feedback, questions and requests to


Sample Day 1
Ladder 1 - 85% FTP

Sample Day 3
Ladder 4 Reverse - 115% FTP

Sample Day 5
Ladder 5 Pyramid Peaking at 120 % FTP

Sample Day 10
Ladder 2 - 95% FTP

Sample Day 12
Ladder 3 Reverse - 105% FTP

Sample Day 15
Ladder 3 - 105% FTP

Sample Day 17
Ladder 1 Reverse - 85% FTP

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