Two Week Taper

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:02
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:02
Training Load By Week

Two week taper plan into a target event that is assumed for the Sunday. The plan is flexible enough to move accordingly to the actual target event you may have.

Low volume with higher intensity based on power meter training, this plan is a great way to prep the final two weeks into your target event.

We recommend that you have updated your FTP via a test in the last 8-12 weeks to ensure you are training with the latest power settings to maximise the impact of this plan.

Sample Day -11
Road Ride

Aiming for a higher zone 4 effort on the bike targeting what would be around 75-80% of the expected race intensity over a rolling course.

Sample Day -10
5x5 Threshold Intervals

Short threshold intervals with shortening recovery periods designed to cause onset of lactic acid to improve tolerance and recovery ability

Sample Day -7
Mini FTPs

Mini FTP style efforts targeting lifting that base effort. Just over FTP level due to shorter duration where it should be possible to hold that effort over the duration

Sample Day -6
Cafe Ride

Keep the intensity low today as last big ride for base fitness before race event and final taper week and keep away from the bigger climbs. Keep duration to 3 hours as a maximum

Sample Day -3
Ramping Max Efforts

Ramped efforts to get the cadence spinning before into short maximal efforts to bring in intensity work on the second part of the session.

Sample Day -2

4x 4 minute threshold efforts with small recovery. Focus on maintaining a smooth cadence in target range for each effort in seated TT position.

4x super-max efforts that are all about getting the power up to required level as quickly as possible and then holding for the 2 minute duration at the target RPM.

Sample Day 1

High intensity intervals to activate the legs before race day

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