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8 week Summer FTP builder


Simon Hansen

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8 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate power based tss based

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Plan Description

8 Week Summer FTP builder program.

This plan is made for riders who ride between 6-9 hours a week.

You want to improve your FTP and you are ready to do some work for it.
This plan is based on 4 workouts a week, with room for optional group rides on the weekends.
You want to improve, but you don't want to be completely locked by a program.

As this program is fitted towards your FTP, it is important to test for it. Included in the program is an FTP test as the first workout. You can do another in the 4th or the 8th week to see how much your have raised that FTP.

Made by a high level amateur racing cyclist, this plan focuses on getting you into shape by targeting the systems you need to improve, to raise your FTP. But don't expect a boring same-same plan - With this plan there is emphasis on variation in the workouts, so it never gets boring. You will work, but I guarantee you will not get bored!

This is a power-based training plan using workout builder - you can download the workouts to your Garmin and have them real-time on your bike computer while training.

This is a plan is for the intermediate rider who has an acceptable base form, and has ridden some intervals before. Knowledge about how to determine FTP and riding in power zones is good to have, but there is also an explainer in the program. With this plan you will spend from 6-10 hours per week training 4 times a week. You will ride plenty of intervals. Included is two recovery weeks, following three weeks of intensive training.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:57 hrs 4:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:57 hrs 4:00 hrs

Simon Hansen

Create Power

We all know what it takes to get better: You've got to put in the hours to get form.

My focus is getting the most out of those hours, making it as fun and adverse as possible. I know the theoretical stuff - What I work hard at is implementing that into fun, diverse training plans in which you will learn why we do what we do while training.

I specialize in training for time trials. I implement what psychology I can into them, so there is plenty of advice to find besides training in your zones.

Sample Day 1

FTP Test 2x8min + 2x20min Tempo

Ride all out for 2x8min.
This is the FTP test to determine your training zones!

Ride 2x20min tempo when you are ready.

Sample Day 3

2x12min FTP + 20min SST

Do 2x12min in FTP zone.
Afterwards do 20min of SST training.

Sample Day 5

Microburst Vo2 Madness 4

30/30s on/off Anaerobic intervals followed directly by a Vo2max block. 2 repetitions.

2x12min FTP afterwards.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

Endurance day. Go out, clear your head. Remember your goals. Have fun. But do focus on your pedaling style.

Sample Day 8

FTP 4x preview of race-winning effort


ride in your FTP zone for 10minutes. Immediately after, do a 1min Vo2max effort. Ideally do a 5-10 second sprint in the end with what you have left.
Do 4 sets.

Sample Day 10

2x15min FTP + 20min SST

Do 2x15min in FTP zone.
Afterwards go into 20min of SST training.

Sample Day 12

TT Over/Under introduction

3min FTP effort to open legs
2 sets of 10 minutes Over/Under intervals. This is where you alternate between Vo2max and FTP zones, thus teaching yourself to clear lactate while riding on your FTP. It's pretty much what you need to do while riding a Time Trial.

Finish off with a block of Sweet spot training.

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