Winter Endurance and Conditioning Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:44

This is an 8 week Power-based plan (see prerequisites below) that concentrates on progressively building base endurance using best in class techniques from industry leaders and research academics, exercises that develop cyclist specific strength and conditioning as proven with Team Sky and a series of videos to develop mental toughness to maintain momentum and motivation.

The programme is divided into four elements, the combination of which is unique in the market. In essence we have designed a programme that ensures that your fitness levels increase at a pace optimal your ability to recover and then adapt to increased training loads, while giving you the tools to improve your overall performance and resilience. This programme is based on Cycle For Fitness Ltd's trademarked Workout, Recovery Adapt Perform (WRAP) methodology to ensure that you exercise at the optimal level of freshness at all times. The programme is broken down as follows :

(1) The base element includes a series of tempo and higher interval efforts (either on the turbo trainer or flat to rolling roads) in your weekday rides. Note that we use Sufferfest sessions and follow best practise from the US and GB Olympic teams, basing most of the effort on endurance with smaller but more beneficial levels of high intensity efforts in any session. Alongside these are longer rides at the weekend and a fasted session which will help build a strong endurance base. The training load that is applied to each workout can be adjusted to your degree of freshness and fatigue, with this being measured using our second element as follows:

(2) This second element is Heart Rate Variation (HRV) Within the first week you will measure your HRV daily to determine your baseline (there is no right or wrong), and once established you will track that on a daily basis to understand changes how your body is reacting to the workouts in terms of your degree of freshness to undertake higher intensity workouts, and conversely when your HRV level drops this may indicate fatigue or stress that will allow you to decide to rest or train at a much lesser intensity. In this way the guess work is taken out, helping to prevent you from overtraining or under training and that your workout training loads can be tuned such that you perform at your optimal level.

(3) The third element is a series of strength and conditioning exercises to ensure that you build a strong foundation and hence become less prone to injury or soreness. These exercises assess and improve your range of movement, then work to improve your control over the range of movements needed to build resilience. Following this regime will help you never again do a weights session that is unsuitable, has little value or results in injury and unnecessary soreness.

(4) The fourth element is a series of videos that include short highly focused yoga sessions to help you obtain greater flexibility and improve recovery and a series of videos giving you the edge in terms of mental toughness needed to achieve your goal.

The price includes two months subscription to Sufferfest and two months subscription to the ithlete HRV Pro dashboard. You may of course continue with these subscriptions beyond the programme.

To begin this programme you will need the following:

1. Heart rate monitor
2. HRV sensor (either certified finger sensor or HRV compatible chest strap),
3. Strava account
4. TrainingPeaks account (can be provided as a costed option)
5. Smartphone or tablet loaded with the ithlete App (available on Apple Store or Google Play)
6. Smart turbo trainer or power meters to measure power.
7. Cycle computer to follow the structured workouts while riding.

Before starting please contact for an initial consultation so that we can help you prepare for the workouts, setup iThlete, Sufferfest, Trainingpeaks, etc.

Sample Day 1
MTP - Future You Is Now

Determine who you need to be to accomplish your major goal and take action to be that person now.

Sample Day 1
Light Turbo

1h light turbo ride – effort 5/10 just to burn some calories

Sample Day 1
Range of Movement Correction Exercises

1. Quads
2. Hamstrings
3. Glutes
4. Calves
5. Thoracic spine extension
1. Anterior thigh opener
2. Posterior thigh opener
3. Ankle Dorsiflexor opener
4. Glutei stretch
5. Recumbent kneeling lat stretch
6, Seated spinal rotation
7. Reverse Sleeper stretch

Sample Day 2
Yoga: Core Strengtheners I

Level: ✭✭✩
Power comes not just from your legs, but from your core. When your core is strong and stable, you can generate more power, more efficiently. You’ll also suffer less back pain. With those goals in mind, this sequence strengthens the abs, obliques and lower back.

Sample Day 2
MTP - Getting Positive


Sample Day 2
Turbo - HR and Power Zone Test

To determine your training zones for the rest of the plan! Warm up on the turbo for 15min, taking your effort levels from 5/10 to 8/10 over 10min gradually then 5min easy. Next do 2x30s efforts at 90% max effort in a low gear, aiming to spin at 100+rpm with 2min easy in between. After the last 2min rest period do a 20min hard effort, aiming to start off at 8/10 effort and try to hold or increase this as you feel able to get your best possible effort out over the 20min. Cool down with 10min cooldown pedalling and record your average power and heart rate over the last 10min of the test and let me know.

Sample Day 3
MTP - The Successful Training Habit

Get the most out of your training by identifying how you can improve your pre-, during and post- workout routines.

Grant Goodman
Cycle For Fitness Limited

I work with cyclists from novice to club level to advance their lifetime fitness, endurance and wellbeing.

My coaching is based on science-based workouts and conditioning sessions to help develop resilience and build peak competitive performance specific to their goals.

Plans start with baseline fitness tests, with reviews to fine-tune duration and intensity, continuously optimising performance.

I also offer cycling holidays in Alicante/Valencia region of Spain.