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Preparation phase - Intermediate / Advanced - 12 weeks by pro coach Chris Decker


Christian Decker

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate multi day power based hr based tss based base period

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Plan Description

The Coach of 2x Ironman-Champion Astrid Stienen uses this plan to prepare his athletes for the coming cycle season if they did train all winter a bit and are at least 2-3 years into cycling. This plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced cyclists who want gain fitness before they start the prep for an upcoming event and have 5:45 - 10:30 hours of training time each week. Please note that some additional stretching and massage is recommend. Before starting to prepare for your season you should be familiar with using a heart rate monitor or a watt meter.

The included plan consists Training Peaks structured workout format, which will make things even easier for you. You can see your own training targets and zones for every workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications. And furthermore you will also see a graphic representation of the workout within the Training Peaks web portal and Training Peaks mobile app, which helps you to get a sense of the entire Workout by taking just one look at the easy to understand graphs and segments for every part of your training. You will no longer have to read through long descriptions and get everything at a glance. My athletes prefer this comfort since TrainingPeaks offers this awesome feature.

Structured workouts can be exported for use in third-party apps and select devices including Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoad, CycleOps, RacerMate, and some more. All you have to do is click “Export” and select the proper file format for your device. For more detailed information regarding exporting workouts go to

To determine your personal zones you will perform a test during tin the first week of the plan. The test will help you to train at your perfect zones and optimize your results.

The workout schedule includes 4 session per week, with one short ride to boost anaerobic capacity, one interval session to raise your FTP and a long ride at the weekend. Please note, that you can switch days easily, just remember this a plan for beginners or intermediates so have a day off after most sessions expect on weekends.

Key workouts in this plan include the following:

Endurance rides: Steady rides of 45 to 120 minutes at FTHR 69-83%.

Long rides : Steady rides of 2h to 5h a 70-72% FTP or 75-77% FTHR .

Intervals/Speed Sessions: Rides featuring intervals at sweet spot or FTP pace separated by easy spinning recoveries.

Tempo rides: Learn to cycle at your Threshold pace.

Have fun and reach your personal goal. makes you #performingperfect. Visit our website ( for more information about us.

Of course, there is also the option of an one on one phone, skype or email consultation. This would be at an extra cost giving you the opportunity to speak with with me in person, at $150/hr. For more info or to setup a consult send a note to:

After that week, do one week easy as recovery to give your body time to settle and build the form as wanted. After that you can focus on your real season goals and I recommend using one of my special plans for that.

If you have more goals, you will find a cycle marathon plan, a crit plan and a time trial plan to get ready for these challenges and live your dream. The plans can be found here:


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:58 hrs 5:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:58 hrs 5:00 hrs

Christian Decker

You have a dream of reaching goals in sport? As a coach I'll help you making this dream become reality. Pro-Champions as well as Agegroup Champions trust in my skills. I offer remote-coaching combined with weekly Skype calls, to be as close as possible to you. I analyze your training data-driven to get the most efficient plan for you.If you like a more self driven training as a runner I also offer pre built training plans. No matter what you choose, I make your dream reality. Chris

Sample Day 1

Getting started

This session is all about getting started. So let your legs spin a bit. It's a nice and easy start into the week, leading to your first FTP-Test on Saturday, which will be the starting point on your journey to a successful preparation for the year.

Try to aim for a cadence of 90 rpm as this will help your muscles to sustain longer sessions later on.

Sample Day 3


This training session is to prepare for saturdays FTP-Test. It includes mostly easy parts with some short efforts to get your body ready for the hard session on Saturday. IF you don't know your FTP or FTHR from a previous test, do 20 minutes very easy, 10 minutes so that you can still hold an conversation, followed by the 2 minute interval where you can just finish short sentences. Then cool down very easy again.

Sample Day 5

FTP Test

This is the FTP-Test. Please ride as instructed and do ALL OUT at the 5'- and the 20'-section.
If you subtract the 20' Watts with 5% you'll have your actual FTP, subtract 3% from the heart rate and you'll have your FTHR. Depending on your equipment we will use FTP or FTHR for the following weeks to get your training done in the most effective way possible.

Note: I recommend not to do this test while using Zwift, as the 5'- and the 20' section ist really ALL OUT (or use the setting ergometer). For all other workouts you can use Zwift if you want.

Please try the ALL OUT efforts as even as possible, which means don't start to hard and then loose till the interval is finished.

Sample Day 8

Aerobic ride with Sprint-Intervals

This ride is an easy aerobic ride, spiced up with some sprints to start working on your anaerobic capacity.

Try to aim for a cadence of at least 90 rpm in all other segments but the sprint. During the sprint shift into the right gear to go with a bit more than 100 rpm.

Sample Day 10

Aerobic ride with FTP-Intervals

Today is all about FTP-intervals, which are made to make you faster and increase your FTP after a few weeks.

So this session is demanding, but worth every drop of your sweat as it will leap you forward.

Sample Day 12

Aerobic ride with Sweet-Spot-Intervals

This is your first session with Sweet-Spot-Intervals, which means intervals between 88-94% of your FTP. This zone is ideal to train most of your cardiovascular and metabolic system. Please make sure that your spin easy in between the intervals. Always aim for a smooth and high cadence around 90 rpm.

Sample Day 13

Aerobic Endurance Ride

The Sunday will always be your long ride. It should always be nice and easy as it helps to build your basic endurance, maybe the most important factor for a solid preparation phase.

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