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TP018 Build Part 1 | 4 weeks | 7 hours | Core work included


James Walsgrove

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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced time goal multi day power based

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Plan Description

This plan is designed to develop your threshold and VO2 max in the first phase of the build period. We will be working at all intensities but heavily focused on pushing your threshold up by working in that zone and also pulling up threshold by working at VO2. It is based on 4 sessions per week with a mixture of turbo trainer and road. Most of the sessions have been constructed using power although this can be done using HR zones also. There is also some strength & conditioning sessions to be completed off the bike which is also important to to develop you as a cyclist.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:32 hrs 2:40 hrs
0:38 hrs 0:20 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:32 hrs 2:40 hrs
0:38 hrs 0:20 hrs

James Walsgrove

Ride Harder

Here at Ride Harder we are dedicated to making you faster on the bike through bike fitting, testing, training plans and coaching. I believe that a coach benefits every athlete regardless of their ability. A cycling coach is not just for the Pro's!

Sample Day 1

First FTP Test

As this is your first test we are going to use RPE to pace the effort of the test, see link below for a simple guide for this.

This test will set your Functional Threshold Power along with an idea of what your v02 max power currently is. We are looking for both intervals to be controlled for the duration so you will need to gauge intensity for each. Be aware that the perceived effort will feel different at the start and the end of each interval even though effort may be the same. At the end of both the 5min & the 20min effort you should have nothing left in the tank.

Good luck!

Press lap button for the 2 efforts marked with a *

5min WU
3x1min high cadence efforts 100rpm+, 1min RI
5min Easy
*5min - All out effort trying to have a controlled pace for the entire interval.
10min - Easy
*20min - Time Trial effort. Don't go out too hard and try to maintain power for entire interval, give it all in the last 5min
09min Cool Down

Sample Day 2

Recovery - W1

This is an easy session just to loosen the legs and help recover from the previous days hard session.
HR should be zone1 for most of the session and zone2 max. During the high cadence efforts lower the gear if need be to make sure there is not intensity there.

Sample Day 3

Core workout - W1

The core plays a vital part while cycling so it is important to make sure it is strong. This will help take pressure/weight off your hands/arms while riding as your core will be holding you in position. It will also give you a good platform to cycle from by allowing your upper body to remain still while fatigue sets in.
Plank 45secs straight into cobra for 15sec x3 (now recovery)
Back extensions 10reps x 3 (hold for 5sec at the top of each.
Russian Twists 10 each side x3
Opposite Arm/Leg Reach/superman 12 (6 each side) x 3

Link to you tube demo below:

Sample Day 4

Threshold Over/under - W1 90%/105%

Working around threshold intensity is directly designed to improving your FTP and doing the over/under intervals will simulate attacks when racing and surges when the terrain kicks up a little. The beauty of these sessions is when you completing the 'under' intervals then it feels like a recovery but still working at threshold!
In this session the under's are at 90% so should feel a good bit easy that the 'overs'.

Sample Day 5

Stretching & foam roller session

Plenty of stretching out and foam rolling the leg muscles. If stuck for ideas then check out below

Sample Day 6

Endurance/Tempo/Sweet spot

This session see's us work through endurance up to sweet spot with very little recover. Hold form and maintain a good pedal stroke.

Sample Day 7

Endurance/Tempo/SS - W1a

A great progressive session that see's you work through from zone2 endurance up to just below threshold without any recovery periods which will then be repeated once more during this workout.
We will be working in equal blocks so longer at sweet spot this time

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