Cycling - Badass Build - Gravel Glutton - 8.5 hours/week - 14 Weeks.

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:36

Gravel. So hot right now.  Gravel riding is one of the fastest-growing styles of cycling, and for good reason: It’s hip. It’s brutal.  People race em’ in jorts.


If you’ve just accidentally hit the ‘purchase’ button on the race site your next thought is probably ‘How the hell do I get in shape for this?’

You probably signed up for that gravel race because when it comes down to it, being a roadie isn’t that fun.  You always wondered where that gravel road went off to. You don’t like staring at your power meter. Maybe you don’t even know what the hell a power meter is.

Good, don’t be such a roadie.  That said, you know what’s not fun?  DNFing. Trash talking for a couple months and then having your friend crush you. Or (a moment of silence please) being too broken after the race to quench your thirst with a cold PBR.  


Don’t be that guy/gal. Check out this plan and show up to that race with your legs bulging out of your jorts, your lungs idling like a Dodge Charger at the line, and your mind fixed on an irresistible thirst for apres hops.


There’s structure, yep.  There’s tough workouts, yep.  But that’s what SEA is all about - beating the past - that’s what being a BADASS is all about.  After these 14 weeks you’re going to be fit as fiddle and ready to CRUSH!

Sample Day 1
Don't look at your computer

Just ride today. Record the work but get some tape and put it over your computer and look at the world instead of your numbers.

Sample Day 2
The Assessment - Aerobic

12m progressive warmup
5m L3
5m L1/2
5m ALL OUT. Go as hard as you can for 5 minutes.
5m L1/2
20m ALL OUT. Start the effort conservatively at about an 8/10 RPE - 20 minutes is a LONG time.
You'll want the terrain to be unbroken flat or slightly uphill - you don't want to get caught at a stop light or intersection in the middle of your effort.
15m easy spin to cool down.

Sample Day 4
Not Threshold - 2 Pints

Warm up:
5m Z1
4m Z2
3m Z3
3m Z4
Easy 5 min, spin high cadence (>100rpm)
1x10m Z3 to get loose; focus on cadence (>100rpm)
Easy 5m L1; spin high cadence (>100rpm)
2x15m Z3/Z4 Sweet Spot (SS) (95% FTP) of your threshold.
10m Cool Down Low Z2

Sample Day 6
Gravel 1

Pick a route that contains as much gravel as possible and let sensations/terrain dictate intensity.

Sample Day 8

Yeah...Yoga. I know it sounds crunchy but if you want to be your best in crits your core needs to be strong, your hips need to be open, and you need to be mobile on the bike and riding your bike a lot makes you the opposite of those things.
What Yoga specifically? A little bit helps a lot. Open YouTube and search for 'cycling yoga' and find a 20 minute routine - simple as that.

Sample Day 8
L1 - Recovery Ride

EASY spin. L1, maybe some L2. Keep the legs spinning.

Sample Day 9
The Dæhlie - 2 (3mx4)

10m z1-2 to get loose
4 step ramp
2 sets of 4x3m VO2max. 3 min rest in between reps, 5min in between sets
Warm down.

Matti Rowe
Summit Endurance Academy

I'll keep it short. I'm a coach with the Summit Endurance Academy. I believe in surgical workouts, epic days in the saddle, bison burgers, and a good N√łgne IPA. Yes, I own a costume box.

I think racing and training is crucial to living your best life, and living your best life is about looking back and seeing how much more Badass you are now than your past self.

Hit me up. Let's go beat the past together.